A List of Times Liberals Were Wrong, Pointed Out In Advance (and Ignored) By Other Liberals

A List of Times Liberals Were Wrong, Pointed Out In Advance (and Ignored) By Other Liberals


Using Mainstream Media Sources to prove what we said before the “news” was finally forced to report it -well after all the noise we made about it at the time:

1. Hillary Clinton was cheating. (Vanity Fair)

The agreement—signed by Amy Dacey, the former C.E.O. of the D.N.C., and Robby Mook with a copy to Marc Elias—specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the D.N.C., Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised. Her campaign had the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director, and it would make final decisions on all the other staff. The D.N.C. also was required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailings.

2. The NY Primary was rigged. (WNYC)

The New York City Board of Elections is admitting it broke state and federal law when it improperly removed voters from the rolls ahead of the presidential primary last spring, including more than 117,000 voters in Brooklyn.

3. The entire Democratic Primary was rigged. (New York Magazine)

In a pair of interviews, the Massachusetts senator (Elizabeth Warren) said the primary was “rigged” in favor of Clinton — the candidate she herself endorsed over Senator Bernie Sanders.

4. The DNC was in the tank for Hillary. (ABC)

Just days before the Democratic National Convention, Wikileaks has released emails from top DNC officials that appear to show the inner workings of the Democratic Party and what seems to be them attempting to aid the Hillary Clinton campaign during the primaries.

5. The DNC, NPR, MSM, Barbara Boxer and Roberta Lange lied about the Nevada Convention. (Huffpost)

National Media Retracts Its Claim That There Was Violence At The Nevada State Convention:

And that violence was used as proof — by the AP, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and all the others — that Sanders supporters are no different from Trump supporters and therefore Sanders should exit the Democratic race immediately.

If there’s a better example of Noam Chomsky’s contention that the media uses propaganda — propaganda with a specific end in mind — to shift reality, and then doesn’t undo the damage they’ve done when they’re caught, I can’t think of one.

6. The polls were meaningless. (Pew Research)

Pollsters are well aware that the profession faces serious challenges that this election has only served to highlight.

7. DWS was corrupt (Politico)

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still a national figure, but unfortunately for her it’s because so many people around the country see her as playing a devastatingly bad role in the last election,” said R.T. Rybak, the former mayor of Minneapolis and former DNC vice -chair who clashed with Wasserman Schultz. “I can mention her name in Minneapolis and it gets a viscerally negative reaction, and I’ve found that to be the case in other parts of the country, too. Sadly, I think she deserves the negative reputation.”

8. Donna Brazile was corrupt. (Town Hall)

Hey Robby Mook, Remember When Donna Brazile Was fired in 1988 For Lying?
But rather than be ostracized for her lies, Brazile simply moved around various Democratic campaigns throughout the 90s, working her way up the party. This put her in the position to assist in the rigging of the primary for Hillary Clinton by providing debate questions in 2016.

9. HIllary Cinton was fleecing the election fund. (Politico)

Right around the time of the convention, the leaked emails revealed Hillary’s campaign was grabbing money from the state parties for its own purposes, leaving the states with very little to support down-ballot races.

10. Hillary Clinton paid for a fake dossier to try to take down Trump. (Washington Post)

The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier…

Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research.

11. Comey lied to protect Clinton. (The Hill)

Comey and Lynch reportedly knew that Clinton would never face charges even before the FBI conducted its three-hour interview with Clinton, which was supposedly meant to gather more information into her mishandling of classified information.

On July 1, 2016, as the Lynch announcement became public, Page texted Strzok:

Page: And yeah, it’s a real profile in couragw [sic], since she knows no charges will be brought.

12. Hillary Clinton was money laundering. (The Daily Wire)

$84 million was funneled illegally from the DNC through state party chapters and back into the war chest of the Clinton campaign.

“Based on publicly available FEC records, repeatedly throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, HVF would purportedly transfer funds to its constituent political committees, which included between 34 and 40 state parties,” the complaint states. “On the very same day each of these transfers supposedly occurred, or occasionally the very next day, every single one of those state parties purportedly contributed all of those funds to the DNC.”

13. Russian Collusion is nonsense. (The National Review)

With the Democrats’ Russian obsession having dwindled to absurdity, President Trump can continue to move the country forward. It is both dismal and amusing to see the rationalizations of the diehard Kremlin collusionists after Robert Mueller’s spurious indictment of the 13 Russians who will never encounter the vagaries of U.S. justice. The charge of conspiring against the United States is nonsense, and the whole ambiance of the investigation now is that of a phantom consolation prize for the absence of a crime, a victim, or a culprit, all amplified by the hollow sanctimony of an official America that has meddled countless times in the elections of other countries (usually for the general good of the Western alliance).

Feel free to share these 13 points, the next time you get into an argument with a neo-liberal about the state of the Nation.

Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue, Artsci and Patreon, and is the Associate Editor at State Of Globe News Service.

[Illustration reprinted with permission MUD IG@Mynameismud_1984]

Has Anyone Simply Asked John Podesta To Explain the Coded Language in His Emails?

Pedo John's


No one has asked John Podesta directly to explain the unusual code language in the emails.

What is interesting to me, is that we are all adults here. We all know code language when we use it. We all know code language when we see it. If I want to convey something covert to a colleague or friend, I use code. This is a human understanding that can’t be “un-known” once it is known. This is the nature of code. It hides something. Once the code is “revealed”, you can never again occupy the same awareness you did before the information was “uncoded”. As the old saying goes, “once you see something, you can’t ‘unsee’ it”.

“Typical Candid Casual Office Photo”

Look again at the painting on the wall

WikiLeaks has not shied away from drawing attention publicly to Podesta’s penchant for the dark arts, so why does the American Mainstream Media?

All someone has to do is ask him directly about the email codes, or the instagram photos, or the obsession with dark art, art about child abuse and art about cannibalism, art about beheading and autopsies and nightmares of children-or ask him why he speaks fondly of his friend, Dennis Hastert, a convicted child rapist, or why his friend and colleague Robby Mook’s (pictured above), friend Jacob Schwartz (and Bill DeBlasio Staffer) was arrested for having infant rape porn on his computer.

And this is precisely why no one will.

If you’re curious, you can view this, the closest anyone has come to asking him about it. Rather than asking him about the emails, the codes, the instagram photos or the child and animal sex jokes, or the child abuse or cannibalism art, they ask him about his personal experience with “fake news”.

A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought. Dictionary.com

The closest anyone has come to asking John Podesta about what researchers believe was coded language pointing to John Podesta participating in well organized underground child trafficking and child porn-and he says,

“it’s interesting because it’s subterranean…”

It’s interesting because it’s subterranean in large part.

You know it shows up in the Facebook news feed but you don’t see it

because it’s not

if anything, it’s being debunked in the mainstream media

so in those sources of news, uh, it’s uh… You don’t “touch and feel it” as much as maybe you’d imagined it

but its sinister and it’s in… it’s… it’s… a… you know… it’s a…

a kinda vile stream that’s running under the ground

And that begins to really, I think, you know

have its effect, take its toll.”

Credit: Youtube John Podesta Talks About a Hacked Election NewCo

As a student of the deepest aspects of the human condition, I cannot help but read Podesta’s description as a thinly veiled parapraxis. It’s as if he’s visualizing his crimes while trying to disavow them at the same time.

So, while attempting to explain away the accusation, it’s as if he’s describing it as well. Simply watch it again, or better, read the transcript and ask yourself if you’ve ever heard him directly address this idea in the first place. For someone like me and others who would disavow any harm to a child in the strongest possible terms, John Podesta has never denied anything, instead he correctly states, “it’s being debunked in the mainstream media”, which is not the equivalent of it not being true, nor is it an investigation which returns a formal conclusion.

Everyone should decide for themselves, but I would prefer an official investigation.

In addition to an explanation about John Podesta’s code words in the WikiLeaks emails of his, I have one more question.

I’d also really like to ask about other Wikileaks-specifically why a mega-multinational named Stratfor is testing credit card landing pages for pizza. Yes, pizza.

…and instructing people to make the language “neutral”.

testing the Pizza Pages — your list

Released on 2013–11–15 00:00 GMT




2011–03–01 18:53:01

testing the Pizza Pages — your list

As of today we are able to test the new credit card landing pages

We have until the end of the week to find as many bugs / errors / weird
stuff before launching to real visitors…Once you have the Pizza version You should be able to view all campaign pages in the new version, even if you close your browser and comeback later.

First Name: Pizza

Last Name: Testing

a. *fill out the form below* style language (please update these
campaign pages on the LIVE site to be “neutral” and make sense regardless
of the Pizza or Original version.

Make sense?

Is there anyone who can reasonably explain why International Conglomeration, STRATFOR is designing credit card landing pages for a pizza campaign?

Is this really that difficult for people to put together?

Child Sex Trafficking Statistics — Thorn


The internet has made it easier for children to be bought and sold online — using some of the same technology and websites that people use to sell their bike, find a roommate or look for a local garage sale. We cannot arrest our way out of this problem. Law enforcement simply doesn’t have enough resources to navigate the massive online commercial sex market to find children and identify their traffickers.

In fact, this undercover police officer wants people to know that ordering a person, is just as easy as “ordering a pizza”.

Human trafficking: As easy as ordering a pizza

“It’s just as easy as ordering a pizza, to order a person.” These haunting words, spoken by an undercover Dayton…www.cincinnati.com

Child sex trafficking – as easy in Seattle as ordering a pizza

“In our society people should not be able to order a girl for sex the same way they can order a pizza and have it delivered to their home.”www.mynorthwest.com

It would be the easiest thing in the world, to just ask John Podesta to simply explain the coded emails…why do you think no one will?

 Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue, Artsci and Patreon, and is the Associate Editor at State Of Globe News Service.

[Illustration reprinted with permission MUD IG@Mynameismud_1984]

If You Believe in Russian Collusion, Why Can’t You Explain It?


Every single day I run up against an ever increasing issue of having to deal with people who believe in something so totally, so completely, that it shapes their perspectives, their intellect and every aspect of their reality, yet they have no capacity whatsoever to explain it. That thing is, “Russian Collusion”.

If you believe in Russian Collusion so strongly, why are you incapable of using your adult words to simply explain what it is you are talking about?

Over the past year, I have made an open challenge to every person asserting “Russian Collusion”: Simply explain what you believe happened, in your own words, without using any links to any news sources. Bonus points if you can actually cite a law you believe was broken.

Not one person has taken up this challenge, not even just using a few words to “sum up” what they believe “Russian Collusion” in the last election was.

Here is how easy it is, for me to speak about criminal activity during the last election, without using sources -from my mind and from my understanding of facts in evidence- in bullet point form. Anyone can feel free at any time to challenge the facts, but they have to be able to explain what they are asserting, as I will do here:

Fusion GPS/Sedition

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign (HRC) and The Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid Fusion GPS for a salacious dossier written by UK former-spy, Christopher Steele, on then Republican candidate Donald Trump.

This “dossier” was used by Obama’s FBI to get wire taps from a United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to spy in America on an American candidate for President, Donald Trump. People wire tapped were Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort and former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

These wire taps continued after the election.

Trump tweeted in March of 2017 that Obama had wire tapped him.

Obama denied any wire taps.

Liberal media mocked Trump for the suggestion.

Then FBI Director James Comey denied any wire taps and said he looked deeply into the FBI and found no evidence to support the claim.

By September 2017, it was revealed to the public that Donald Trump‘s ’campaign chairman, Paul Manafort was wiretapped by Obama’s FBI when James Comey was its Director.

Criminal charges are being considered against Fusion GPS Dossier author Christopher Steel, who 2 Senators say lied to Federal Authorities.

Paying for a non-substantiated dossier from one party as opposition research against a Presidential opponent, and using this paid for dossier, to manufacture the basis to wire tap the opponent before and after the Presidential contest in order to undermine his Presidency and/or frame him for “Russian Collusion”-means that HRC, the DNC, Obama and the guilty parties inside the FBI are guilty of Seditious Conspiracy.

U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2384

18 U.S. Code § 2384 — Seditious conspiracy

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

I find this exercise- in simply explaining reality- very easy to do. If you cannot explain “Russian Collusion” as easily-then how can you expect anyone to take you-or your belief seriously? What is it you actually believe if you can’t even explain what you think happened? Further, if you can’t actually point to a law you think was broken, what is it, exactly, you think has occurred?

These are not rhetorical questions.

If you can’t answer them, that should give you pause.

And for anyone doubting, you can read the memo, now that it is released. If you have not done so yet, I recommend you do.


Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue, Artsci and Patreon, and is the Associate Editor at State Of Globe News Service.

Tales of A One-Woman Riot, Pt 2

Jenny Asencio

Even cursed as I am with a nuanced worldview that argues in favor of the unjustly downtrodden, and in the face of all the arguments with, and gaslighting and disconnection from, people who I thought knew me way better than that, I discovered voices who said a lot of the same things I did, and who think a lot of the same things I do. I’ve discovered feminists who are with me that the more publicized feminist philosophies are as bad as the misogyny they claim to fight, minorities (even black people, so take that, social justice warriors!) who appreciate my point of view about race. That’s all I’ve written about so far, but I am barely getting started.

Here is a sample of my actual opinions:

Feminist icon denies women have agency. Photo credit: Refinery29

● Modern “feminism” is misandristic and misrepresents what needs to change about gender equality. This has been the thrust of many of my previous essays. My views are that yes, the toxic remnants of the Patriarchal Society linger and still poison our social interactions and views of gender in ways that are literally unhealthy to our physical bodies – especially men’s. While I support a woman’s agency, I also support a man’s, and I think we are often too quick to villainize men based on the same social perceptions feminists object to when they are applied to women. I currently refer to this view as “rational feminism.”

● While discrimination such as racism, anti-gay, and religious or ethnic prejudice (such as Islamophobia) do have victims, current mainstream philosophies are implemented in a way that promotes victimhood of minorities and demonizes white people. I am especially concerned with the liberal application of “white supremacist” as a moniker for anyone white who speaks up on the subject of race, no matter what they actually say. I think the attitude of many white politicians who claim they support equality in these areas, especially with regard to race, have taken a patronizing attitude that really does have an air white superiority. I hate being lumped in with that and hate being villainized for it. It is the same mentality that denies the culpability of African groups in the Atlantic Trade Triangle, applied to modern day, and it is just as enslaving to the people they claim to be protective as that era was. This has been evidenced by a group of white people actually having the nerve to tell a black male writer that he didn’t understand the experience of being a black man. I would have actually kept my mouth shut about race, but after seeing that happen, I must insist on standing up against that kind of actual white privilege. As far as race in general, I accept that I am the majority race in my country, and that with that accident of birth comes added responsibility to ensure minorities are empowered as much as I have been, but that also involves recognizing individual agency, not suppressing it with a smile.

kqpbolIc_400x400.jpgA symbol of my political views. Photo credit: Twitter

● With regards to my political leanings, I am an independent who staunchly supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary and left the party as a result of their corrupt practices. This means that I am not a conservative at all, in any way. I am also not a liberal, in that liberalism has returned to its classical roots with regards to private property and carried it to its most ridiculous extreme. I have recently begun to refer to myself as a libertarian socialist, in that I firmly believe that individual liberties can only be guaranteed by working together. Currently we have a collaboration of corporate and state that has become toxic to individual liberties. However, they have also forgotten something important, something they keep telling us we should forget as well, and that is this is a symbiotic relationship. They rely on us as much as we rely on them and even more so – humans survived without government, and we survived without corporations. They make our lives easier, sure, and institutions are definitely a necessity to ensuring personal liberty, but in the end, we faceless masses are the boss, and we’re not so faceless when we’re not dehumanized by labels such as “Democrat,” “conservative,” or “activist.”

○ I think Donald Trump is a great advertiser who used that skill to promote himself to some people with some very radical conservative beliefs, which has stirred them up but showcased no more than an exceptional adeptness at conservative-style greed. He’s pretty much doing what all his competition in the primaries said they would do. A few of those things (the Paris Accord, for example) were not as bad as everyone is making them out to be. Equating him with a Nazi or a white supremacist is moving the goalpost of what a white supremacist is. In general, though, I’m not a big fan of Republicans.

○ The Democrats are a whole other story but the only thing I’m going to comment about here is Russiagate, and how if there’s smoke, there’s fire – or there’s an “anonymous source” setting a smoke bomb so that everyone is outraged about something. The Russians didn’t hack the DNC nor did they attack our sacrosanct electoral process, and Donald Trump won the election because more of the Electoral College picked him than Hillary Clinton based on the distribution of the popular vote. I think the system worked, even though I don’t like the results, because I think Hillary Clinton rigged the DNC primary so she would be in that position to begin with, and was convinced she had enough influence to rig the general election as well, especially after her hubby’s tarmac visit with Loretta Lynch. I will, despite my distaste for his actions, admit that Trump’s election thrilled me because it proved I was wrong about Clinton’s albeit wide influence.

● Because of everything in the other bullet points, a lot of the same kind of people who supported Clinton are making excuses to attack free speech. White supremacy is an insidious and dehumanizing worldview, but it is not an excuse to ban it. Given the number of times I’ve been called a Nazi and a white supremacist by these same people for my views, I do not trust their judgment as far as what qualifies as hate speech, especially since failing to support Clinton was “internalized misogyny.” Guess what? Supporting free speech does not make me a white supremacist, or allied with white supremacists. That is comparing apples and scrambled eggs. The only weapon against people saying things you don’t like is saying things back, not silencing them. In fact, one of the writers whose work inspired me seems to have disappeared from Medium, to be replaced with “recommended articles” and unavailable stories.

Jason Ortego on Unsplash

● Much of my own worldview is informed by my spiritual views, and these come from a study of religion that quite literally began around the age of 4 with my thoughts about the answers to my inquiries about God; years of informal education and spiritual experience is now culminating in formalizing my education through pursuit of a dual major in religious studies and psychology. The two most basic spiritual teachings I see are that every moral in the Universe is literally presented to us by concepts within the Universe and in nature; and that humans should treat one another and any other being with emotional comprehension with dignity and respect, including the being we often apply this to the least – ourselves. I believe in freedom of spiritual expression, but as far as religion goes the closest established one I claim is Zen Buddhism. In the past, I’ve more whimsically called myself a Jedi, but apparently that is the #2 religion in New Zealand and the #5 in the UK, so maybe there’s something to that as well. I have a very Eastern, pluralistic view about religion because the majority of them actually do have spiritual value contained within even the most offensive or strange dogmas. I wear many different spiritual hats, and a lot of Westerners might question the sincerity of my practice because we are used to having only one religion per person, but spirituality is about individual agency, not adhering to dogmas, and not about religion.

So there you have it.

I’m a big Game of Thrones fan (I’ve read the novels as well – yeah, I’m one of those people), and one of my (many) favorite characters in the show is, of course, Tyrion Lannister. Even people who haven’t seen the show knows he drinks and “knows things,” so it is with his sage advice in mind that I leave you before we go on:

I am, indeed, a one-woman riot. I embrace that, because it is not only the armor that defends me from those who wish to silence me, it is the sword and shield with which I fight for my nuanced opinions that I’m so willing to share. I do not fit into any of the little political clubs like Democrat or liberal or what passes for feminist right now. I am something alternative, I am something independent, and I am something unique.

But what I am not, friends, is alone. The work of other one-person riots with nuanced views like mine has reached me via independent media shared by other friends and groups. And I know that if I was sanctioned so hard by people who disagreed with me that I second-guessed myself so strongly despite having the knowledge that I was right and they were wrong, there is someone else out there that happened to as well. Right now, someone else is submitting to conformity like one of Solomon Asch’s test subjects, someone who is questioning their perception, their judgment, and maybe even their own sanity. They might also think they are alone. They might even be told that they are alone, or conflated with views they abhor.

So I will not shut up in order to honor all of those whose work inspired me to write, by adding my writing to the movement and discussing my views on some things we are told it is not okay to discuss (especially religion and politics!). I will not shut up in order to reach out to all of those who are ready to stop conforming, despite the seeming wall of unanimity that has been erected around you. I will be that one dissenting voice who is confirming that yes, I see what you see, and yes, it is okay to admit it. I will not shut up because I learned the one secret their wall protects the most, their One Ring, their ventilation shaft on the Death Star, their weakest weakness:
There is no wall.

If you like what I am writing and want to help support it, share it! I also have a Patreon page and Paypal.Me, where you can support my writing by helping to allow me more time to do it!

Parkland Student Accuses School Board of Stealing 100 Million Allocated to School Safety


Kenneth Preston a 19 year old from Parkland Florida, presents findings from his independent research into the School Board of Broward County Florida, in which it appears to reveal the theft of 100 million dollars from the fund the School Board applied for, and received for School Safety.

Reprinted from DML News

In his report, Preston points out that the board was given roughly $104,000,000 in public grants to secure the schools in 2014, but that as of 2018 only a small portion of the money had been spent. The total amount used to date is roughly $5,000,000.  Thus, leaving nearly $100 million unused.

In addition, Preston discovered what could be deemed as questionable behavior by the school board when considering its reliance on the PROMISE program, which was originally put in place by the Obama administration.

The PROMISE program makes it so school districts must limit the punishments and reporting to authorities of unruly and or criminal students if they are minorities. If they fail to abide by the PROMISE program practices, the district risks losing grant money from the Federal Government.

According to Preston, criminal students with history of rape and severe violence are permitted to attend public schools in Broward.

By Kenneth Preston
An Investigation Into Broward County’s
School Board & Superintendent
March 20th, 2018




My name is Kenneth Preston. I’m a 19-year-old Broward County student who has been working trying to uncover factors and individuals who share blame in the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas. Over the past month, I have learned the names and stories of all the victims. Their stories, along with the incredible strides made by the families to bring change, have compelled me to dedicate every ounce of energy and time to bring injustices to light. I’m not with an organization and I have no agenda whatsoever other than holding government officials responsible for their

After weeks of research, searching through thousands of pages of government documents, and speaking with dozens of officials, I have come to the conclusion that Superintendent Runcie and members of the school board have failed at their essential role in keeping our students safe. Whether that’s because of incompetence or the incentive of federal dollars is for you to decide
based on the evidence provided below.

Ultimately, no matter what laws pass, the extent, or how infrequent these shootings become, if the people who were complicit in facilitating an environment in which something like this could occur don’t face consequences, then there is no justice.

Absolutely everything that I’ve said as a part of my research has been meticulously sourced. In fact, the majority of the statistics that I have cited are from the Broward School Board and relevant agencies directly. If you find anything that isn’t sourced, feel free to contact me with the contact info listed above and I will provide one.

● On April 10th, I plan to speak at the Broward School Board Operational Meeting (all Board members and Robert Runcie attend) with Stoneman students, families affected, and former Broward officials to present the evidence below.

● We will speak to members on the School Board to get a vote on parts of the Promise Program and Behavior Intervention Program by adding it to the next School Board meeting agenda. Those alterations are listed under the “Goals” section.
● Immediately after, there will be a press conference outside of the School Board Building to outline our concerns to the public.


● A formal investigation into potential misconduct into the School Board, Broward officials, and Robert Runcie.
● To reform Promise Program program, Behavior Intervention Program, and discipline matrix to exclude violent offenders from eligibility.
● Setting up town halls with our local School Board members in their respective districts in order to allow the public an opportunity to voice their concerns and inquire about reforms that can be made in regards to school safety.

Experts and Witnesses I’ve Consulted With (Does Not Indicate Support of

Michael Marchetti
● Former Special Assistant to Superintendent Robert Runcie
● Miami-Dade County Public Schools Maintenance Supervisor (1989-1998)

Wolfgang Halbig
● Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety 1999-2004
● National School and Workplace Safety Consultant 1995 – current
● Lake County Public Schools Director of Risk Management, 2005 – 2009
● Seminole County Public School’s Director of Safety and Security, 1995-1999
● Former assistant Principal of Lake Mary High School, Lyman High School, and Sanford
Middle School
● Dean of Students, Lake Brantley High School, 1985-1990
● Vanguard High School, Teacher/Coach, 1975-1983

Robert Nave
● Vice President of Research at Florida Taxwatch

Max Eden
● Senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute
● Former Program Manager of the Education Policy Studies Department at the American
Enterprise Institute
● Has been published in Journal of School Choice, Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance, Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, National Review, Claremont Review of Books, and The Weekly Standard.
● Testified before the House Judiciary Committee on School Violence

Nora Rupert
● Current Chair of the Broward School Board

Anna Fusco
● President of the Broward County Teachers Union
● Has agreed to the testify to the coverup of abuse of teachers and students

Former BSO Deputy (name withheld)
● Deputy and School Resource Officer with Broward Sheriff’s Office for several decades

Dan Lewis
● Part of the groundbreaking Federal CCC Litigation resulting in a 2000 settlement establishing the equitable allocation of resources for all public schools
● Past multi-year member of the School Board’s Consultant’s review committee and past chair
● Past multi-year member of the School Board’s Audit Committee
● 3-time member of the School Board’s Diversity Committee, and past chair
● Elected Miramar City Commissioner for 8 years, Serving as Vice-Mayor and Treasurer
● Broward County Growth Management advisory committee, Chair
● Broward County Management & Efficiency Study Committee, Chair
● Broward County Charter Review Committee, Chair

Robert. W Sutton
● Teacher with Broward Public Schools for over 21 years.
● Former Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee

Juliette Hibbs
● Former teacher with Broward Public Schools for over a decade.
● Leader of a campaign of teachers that forced the School Board to investigate claims of rape at Deerfield Beach High.

Main Focus of the Investigation

● The mismanagement of $104,325,821 specifically designated for school safety as part of the Broward Schools 2014 Bond Appropriation
● The Promise Program/Behavior Intervention Program and their effect on school safety

School Safety Funding/Money Mismanagement

In 2010, an independent statewide Grand Jury created by former Governor Charlie Christ was tasked with investigating the Broward County School Board for corruption [1]. It was the third Grand Jury investigating the school board since 1997. In 2011, the Grand Jury came back with a ruling that found extreme money mismanagement and corruption by school board officials. [2] They found that the culture of corruption in the School Board ran so deep that even replacing the Board members wouldn’t help, so they suggested the Broward School board be dissolved entirely: “But for the Constitutional mandate that requires an elected School Board for each

District, our first and foremost recommendation would have been to abolish the Broward County School Board altogether.” [3] Aside from that, they listed 21 recommendations for the Broward School Board including allowing the district to vote on the Superintendent, preventing board members from selecting of contractors, and creating an independent office of IG to monitor the board. [2] The current school board has ignored almost all of those measures.

Ignoring the recommendations of the Grand Jury, the School Board selected Robert Runcie without public approval, to become the new Superintendent in hopes he would bring newfound transparency and his federal connections to the district. Prior to this, Runcie was hired by Obama’s future Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to be his Chief Information Officer at Chicago Public Schools. Mr. Runcie was demoted from his position at CPS for undisclosed reasons just three months before becoming Broward’s Superintendent in 2011. [4]

Once here, Runcie has taken actions that can be interpreted as less than transparent. Almost immediately, he proposed cutting the number of publicly accessible school board meetings in half. The bulk of the public’s frustration with Runcie’s transparency, however, has to do with the allocation and spending of funds meant for Broward Public Schools. In recent weeks, Superintendent Runcie has gone on a media crusade insisting that the solution to school safety concerns is more money. [5] In a letter to Governor Scott, Runcie criticized the increased safety funding as “significantly inadequate.” [6] What Superintendent Runcie fails to mention, however, is that he’s had access to nearly $100,000,000 designated specifically for school safety for years as part of a 2014 Bond Appropriation.

In 2014, Runcie successfully convinced Broward residents to vote on $800 million in bonds for Broward County Public Schools to invest back into the schools. [7] According to The Qualification Selection Evaluation Committee (QSEC), an anti-corruption measure, there should be a committee of 11 people, five of whom are members from the public, that would decide what companies were given lucrative contracts to manage that $800,000,000 in voter-approved projects. Just a year later, Superintendent Runcie, who was tasked with bringing transparency to the board, moved to bypass those anti-corruption measures by removing members of the public from voting on who received the contracts. [8] School Board member Robin Bartleman opposed removing the public from the decisions saying, “it’s going to be an issue,” She went on to say: “Stuff like this snowballs…Things like this get out of control. I’ve seen it before.” [9]

Robin Bartleman was right. Three years later, the program has been fraught with delays, [10] Robert Runcie’s former special assistant revealed contracts were being awarded unfairly, [11] and cost estimates for projects that are nowhere near completion are booming with as much as 57%. As part of the program, $104,325,821 was designated specifically for school safety. [12] Of that money, only $5,584,512 (roughly 5.3%) has been spent since its passage. [13] If the school safety money continues to be doled out at the current rate of 1.76% spent per year, Broward Public

Schools will not see the entirety of that safety money for another 53 years, or the year 2,071. Superintendent Runcie called an article referencing this report “fake news” and recommended anyone interested in facts should look to Florida TaxWatch, [14] an independent organization tasked with overseeing the distribution of the money. I reached out to Florida Taxwatch, and Vice President of Research Robert Nave has told me that my numbers are correct. [15] And while the Superintendent might blame red tape and contracting issues for the delays, his former Special Assistant Michael Marchetti, says the blame lies squarely on Runcie’s shoulders: “He [Superintendent Runcie] can cut through all that red tape. He could’ve made things happen if he wanted to.”

The School Board’s failure to provide adequate funding for school safety comes as no surprise to Broward Sheriff’s Union President Jeff Bell, who said this to Laura Ingraham: “Some of the fault I put on the Broward County school board. For years they know that the schools have been soft targets. They claim that they want to have better police presence inside the schools and they want tougher security, but yet they do not want to cough up the money to pay for that better security and fortify their schools and have better designs, they don’t want that.” [16]

Robert Runcie and program managers insist that the program is on track, but in a report by Florida TaxWatch, the organization the Superintendent referred us to, has criticized Runcie and the District’s handling of the bond money saying, “The public has every right to know which school projects are delayed and the reasons for the delay, as well as which school projects are over-budget,” as well as saying that despite their recommendations, “the district fails to identify those projects likely to be delayed and those projects that are likely to require additional funding.” [17]

Promise Program/Behavior Intervention Program

In July of 2011, Robert Runcie’s former boss and now Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, launched the Supportive School Discipline Initiative meant to “end the school-to-prison pipeline” in an effort to combat the disproportionate number of minority students being arrested. [18] As part of that Initiative, it was required that any district applying for a part of the $4.35 billion in “Race to the Top” money (a federal grant competition Broward had received $37.4 million from a few years prior) [19] must analyze and address their disproportionate student discipline/arrest rates. [20] In March of 2013, the Department of Education listed Broward County as one of those counties with “disproportionate discipline rates.” [21] Months later, Robert Runcie and the Broward School Board applied and become finalists for the “Race to the Top” grant [22] after promising their intent to have an “evaluation of proposed indicators around attendance, suspensions, and arrests and promoting school-wide, positive behavior interventions.” [23]

Soon after, Superintendent Robert Runcie, the School Board, and the Sheriff’s office created “Promise”, a program intended to address the “school-to-prison pipeline” by outlining 13 misdemeanors that formerly would have been referred to law enforcement, but are now dealt by administrators instead. [24] Those misdemeanors include harassment, fighting, assault, and threats- all of which Nikolas Cruz was reported for, but never arrested. [25] Robert Runcie claims the shooter never benefited from the program because he was never formally enrolled in the Promise Program. Broward Schools released a statement saying, “the District has no record of Nikolas Cruz committing a PROMISE-eligible infraction or being assigned the PROMISE while in high school.” However, Jeff Bell, President of the Broward Sheriff’s Union and supporter of the Promise Program says, “There’s no documented report that he was ever enrolled into the PROMISE Program. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t confronted with something and just let go.” [26] The District’s document on the Promise Program and disciplinary reform would support Bell’s statement, listing a number of possible disciplinary actions that can be taken instead at the administration’s discretion. [27] So while the Superintendent claims that Cruz has no record of Promise-eligible infractions, the evidence points to the opposite. In April of 2016 Dana Craig reported Cruz to the school for threats against her, on January 19th the next year, Stoneman Douglas disciplinary records show Cruz was reported for a low-level assault, and in September of 2017 he was suspended for fighting [25] – all three of these infractions are covered under the Promise Program and current discipline matrix. [24]

Within a matter of years, the Promise Program took Broward County’s student arrest rate from the highest in the state, to one of the lowest. The number of school-related misdemeanor arrests dropped from 757 in 2011-2012 to 166 in 2015-2016, that’s a 78% drop in arrests over a five-year span. [28] While Superintendent Runcie insists the program is only to prevent students from being jailed for “minor crimes”, [29] the agreement Mr. Runcie and Scott Israel created and signed does not require law enforcement to arrest students for felonies but instead says “officers may consider placing the student under arrest.” [30] In fact, the current discipline matrix doesn’t make “consultation to law enforcement” mandatory or serious crimes such as high-level assault, rape, and armed robbery. Instead, it lists it as one of many options at the discretion of the school administration. [27] A retired Deputy of the Broward Sheriff’s Office with decades of experience with the BSO and as a School Resource Officer told me (with verification but on the condition of anonymity) about an instance in which SROs were instructed not to arrest certain felonies. “About… let’s say two years ago, during a meeting with SROs at the Public Safety Building a woman with Broward Schools or the School Board came at the direction of Colonel Pollock, and we were instructed not to arrest for certain felonies in addition to the misdemeanors covered by Promise.” In a later conversation, the Deputy confirmed that the identity of that woman is Michaelle Pope, Executive Director of Student Support Initiatives Broward County Public Schools, who are tasked with overseeing BCPS discipline. The program’s stats, presented by Superintendent

Runcie himself, suggests that the Deputy’s claim is true. On the Promise Program website, they use a 33% drop over a three year period in school-related felony arrest rates as an example of the program’s success. [31]

In 2014, while both misdemeanor and felony arrest rates plummeted, Superintendent Runcie also directed the school system to funnel incarcerated students back into the school system as part of various “re-engagement” programs. One such program is the Behavior Intervention Program, the purpose  of which is to help “acquire the necessary skills to enable them to optimally function in the traditional school setting.” According to the Broward School Services website, students convicted of serious crimes such as “rape, murder, attempted murder, sexual battery, or firearm related activity” are given the possibility of entering back into the traditional school system as part of the program. [32] One year after the implementation of the Promise Program, district officials were instructed to work with county prosecutors and judges to return incarcerated students back into traditional schools, a deviation from the typical policy of allowing incarcerated juveniles to continue to study in jail. Over the course of the next two years, nearly 1,000 incarcerated students were released and returned to their area schools. [33] On December 10th, 2014 at the 17th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Justice Circuit Advisory Board Meeting, Cassandra Evans, Broward County’s chief juvenile probation officer acknowledged the danger in this: “the department is aware that this population is highly at-risk of reoffending within the first 45-days.” [34]

The aforementioned veteran BSO Deputy and SRO had this to say about reintegration programs: “I’m sorry to say, but we all knew some sort of tragedy like this was going to happen in Broward. You can’t just stop arresting kids and send kids straight from juvie back into schools without expecting something like this. As officers, our hands were tied… the decisions were political ones, not well researched or backed by evidence, just follow the money. If they really wanted to know what worked, they would’ve asked us the officers.” As for the money trail, he points to the Promise Program. While no one can definitely say whether or not safety was sacrificed for federal dollars, we learned from federal records that the program was used as a factor when applying to receive a federal grant. Chief School Performance & Accountability Officer Valerie Wanza, who reports directly to the Superintendent, listed “the successful implementation of the PROMISE Program, the district’s systemic initiative to end the schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline” as an example of Broward’s leadership in an application for a federal grant that Superintendent Robert Runcie filed and signed. [35] The Department of Education, run by Robert Runcie’s friend and former boss, Arne Duncan, approved the application and awarded Broward with a hefty $54.3 million as part of a Teacher Incentive Grant (TIF). [36]


Without knowing Superintendent Runcie’s motives for taking the actions he did, it’s nearly impossible to say why the money wasn’t spent and why such lax disciplinary policies were instituted. What is clear is that the Superintendent failed to take the appropriate security precautions. He has not at any point after the tragedy at MSD acknowledged the mismanagement of school safety funds, indicated any sort of intention to reform the way the Board functions or assumed any responsibility for the systematic failures that occurred in failing to properly deal with Nikolas Cruz. The actions and evidence described warrant an independent investigation into the conduct of the Board and Superintendent. In addition to this, the current discipline matrix and reform programs need be to reformed ensure that there is no tolerance for violent crimes in Broward County Schools.

*For the sake of transparency, it’s worth mentioning that a piece of the article the Superintendent called “fake” listed our previous findings of $4,673,508 spent, a less than 1% difference (in terms of budget spent) from the numbers that Florida TaxWatch confirmed. Even though statistically insignificant, a correction has been requested.


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Facebook CEO Presents Plans for Mass Censorship at Senate Hearing

 Facebook CEO Presents Plans for Mass Censorship at Senate Hearing


By Andre Damon
11 April 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg used his appearance Tuesday before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees to outline a plan for mass censorship on the world’s largest social media platform.

Zuckerberg explained how every single statement made by the company’s 2.2 billion users is analyzed and vetted by artificial intelligence systems, then reviewed by an army of some 20,000 censors. If the company finds a statement to be “sensational” or “divisive,” the user will be flagged as a “bad actor,” and either have their posts blocked, be reported to the government, or both.

Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress

Since the 2016 election, Zuckerberg said, the company had undergone a transformation. “We are going through a broader philosophical shift in how we approach our responsibility as a company,” Zuckerberg said.

It is “not enough to build tools” and let users do what they want with them, Zuckerberg said. “We need to make sure they are used for good” by “policing” the Facebook “ecosystem.”

The ability to “police” all the content on Facebook was impossible until the rise of artificial intelligence, Zuckerberg said. “From the beginning of the company in 2004, we didn’t have AI technology that could look at content people were sharing.” But the rapid development of artificial intelligence now allows Facebook to screen and understand every single post and message on its platform.

“By the end of this year we’ll have more than 20,000 people working on security and content review,” Zuckerberg said. “So when content gets flagged to us we have those people look at it.”

He bragged that Facebook’s artificial intelligence tools now succeed in flagging 99 percent of “terrorist propaganda” before users ever see it. By “rolling out AI tools,” Facebook can “proactively police and enforce” all content, Zuckerberg said.

These AI tools will be used to identify accounts that spread “fake news,” and they have helped the company “proactively remove tens of thousands of accounts before they could contribute significant harm.”

To drive home the company’s integration into the military/intelligence/police apparatus, Zuckerberg declared that Facebook is actively involved in an “arms race” with Russia.

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy demanded that Zuckerberg do more to combat “divisive” Facebook accounts and pages, not just those operated by Russia. The Senator had a staffer hold up a sign with examples of such “divisive” pages, asking why they were allowed to continue operating.

Zuckerberg’s appearance came after he announced on Friday that the company would require all “large” Facebook pages and all pages that run political and issue ads to verify their identities. He clarified what this would mean in his appearance Tuesday, saying he would require anyone operating “large” pages to have a “valid government identity,” and to “verify their location” by receiving a confirmation code by mail.

Asked by Republican Senator John Cornyn whether Facebook took responsibility for its users’ statements, Zuckerberg declared, “we’re responsible for the content.” He added that its artificial intelligence tools would be able to tell whether a post was “you know…something bad.”

The vast and sweeping dangers to democratic rights posed by Facebook’s censorship measures were ignored by all of the Democratic Congressmen, who universally cheered the crackdown by the social media giant. The same went for nearly all the Republicans, with the exception of Senator Ted Cruz, who sought to burnish his credentials with the extreme right by criticizing Facebook’s censorship of far-right political organizations.

Cruz accused Facebook and other technology giants of engaging “in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship” against the far right, in order to promote what he called “left-wing” political views. Cruz asked Zuckerberg whether he knew the “political orientation “of Facebook’s “content evaluators.”

Zuckerberg replied with the standard line worked out between the Democrats, leading Republicans, and the intelligence agencies. “There are a number of things that we would all agree are clearly bad. Foreign interference in our elections, terrorism… that…is clearly bad activity that we want to get down.”

In fact, the real target of the mass censorship regime implemented by the technology giants is left-wing political opposition, most importantly workers’ use of Facebook to organize strikes and protests. Over the past two months, numerous stories in major US newspapers warned that teachers throughout the country were using Facebook groups to organize strikes independently of the unions…

read more…


via Facebook CEO presents plans for mass censorship at Senate hearing – World Socialist Web Site 

[Illustration reprinted with permission MUD IG@Mynameismud_1984]

Tales of a One-Woman Riot Pt. 1

Why I Refuse to Shut Up in the Face of Diversity

A libertarian detractor once called me a “one-woman riot” because he said I would be campaigning for Bernie Sanders alone, since Hillary Clinton was “definitely” going to win the Democratic primary. He was not the only one to incorrectly assume that I was alone in my philosophies, but I like “one-woman riot” much better than I like “Nazi” or “internalized misogynist,” which were monikers given me by rabid Hillary Clinton supporters during the primary.

For a long time, though, I feared he was correct. All the newspapers were saying that Clinton was polling well, and since they were the news, they had to be telling the truth. Except they weren’t.


I have always been a very outspoken person, and I have usually been snubbed or sanctioned for it. And for a long period of my life, that sanctioning was successful. My reasoning was the typical logical fallacy of believing that if so many other people believed the official lines from the authorities, they couldn’t be wrong. Even when I caught “authorities” actually being wrong, whether through honest mistake or deliberate intent, I swept it aside or made an excuse for it, because the news is credible, right?

Little did I know back then that I was falling into a category observed and tested by psychologist Solomon Asch, which showed that even when people know they are right, they will often still make blatantly wrong choices because people around them made the same choice. A variation of the test also proved that the unanimity of the group is what prompted that wrong choice, but that if there was even one other dissenting voice giving the right answer, the test subject was more likely to give the right answer also.

Motivations for giving the wrong answer were varied. Some people thought maybe their perceptions were wrong since everyone else was giving the same answer. Another simply didn’t want to disrupt the proceedings by dissenting. A few (in this case correctly) assumed that the other participants knew something they did not. The takeaway was that when everyone else is saying one thing and you are saying another, it’s easy to fall into the trap of questioning yourself, even when you know you are right and everyone else is wrong.

I know this only too well. I have spent a lot of my life second-guessing myself in this way, especially since I have always been a misfit. I was the little fat girl with the glasses who played Dungeons & Dragons and eschewed Sweet Valley High for Madeleine L’Engle. I had an Intellivision when all the other kids had Ataris. Usually people like me fade to the background or hang around with the other kids like themselves, but I have also always been very inclined to share my opinion, and a lot of times I am argumentative for the sake of exploring a counterpoint. Between the two, I faced a lot of backlash from peers, and as a result, for a long time I conformed so people would leave me alone, even as a couple of decades wore on and I saw with dismay some of the changes going on around me.

The economic collapse of 2007 and the intervening time brought me face to face with several situations where I conformed in the face of blatant wrongness, allowed others to tell me what was right, and even formed a deep distrust of my own perceptions. I knew what I really thought, but what I really thought was obviously wrong and could not be trusted, even though “right” was so immoral I couldn’t fathom how anyone could think it was right. I knew what I thought, and why I thought it, but was constantly being told I thought something else for other reasons, and eventually I believed it because (as I said many times) “everyone else can’t be wrong, so it must be me.” Worse yet, the same detractors also convinced me that anyone who agreed with me was just telling me what I wanted to hear in order to shut me up or because they were too afraid of my overbearing personality to be honest with me.

Finally, I sought the advice of more informed people, and learned that all along, I was right. While this was liberating to a degree, it was hard to shake because such logical arguments had been made against me. Parts of me still questioned myself, but at least I had learned to question the narrative. Also, significantly, I returned to school and am now a Phi Theta Kappa member, which has opened the kind of academic doors for me that show me that my comprehension of things is pretty spot on, even if people don’t agree with my interpretation of them.




Being name-called during Democratic primaries was also a real awakening into how often I’d questioned my own judgment at the behest of other people. I supported Bernie Sanders, which meant, to DNC true believers, that I stood against many areas of social change that I do not, in fact, stand against. I was repeatedly told that I did, but in a secret, shameful, subconscious way. Many times I was told that I was a secret racist and sexist for failing to support Clinton, that my failing to vote for her and choosing to write in Bernie Sanders enabled Trump’s eventual win, that I was a “Bernie Bro” and a Trump supporter who refused to admit to my white supremacy and internalized misogyny. While I may have allowed others to convince me that what I thought was wrong and that I should question it and myself, I know myself well enough to know what I think, what I believe, and what I stand for.

If you like what I am writing and want to help support it, clap for my story to have it featured more prominently! I also now have a Patreon page and Paypal.Me, where you can support my writing by helping to allow me more time to do it!

Why Real Liberals Were #NeverHillary


While I didn’t vote for Trump, I have found that I shared the same concerns about Hillary Clinton with Trump voters -and still do. As an extremely left wing liberal (I voted for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka), I found people like me -and Trump voters- are still both very happy she was not elected.

Are there any Hillary Democrats that want to know why we refused to vote for her, and still wouldn’t?

Hillary Clinton is widely viewed as a sociopath and a narcissist who also actively lies, cheats and steals as well as organizes pay to play, bribes and money laundering, while harming many people in the process.

Hillary Clinton defends rapists and smears rape victims, including the victims of her husband. Bill Clinton is a rapist who was kicked out of Oxford for raping a student while there. That began a long line of assaults over his career and Hillary has spent her life smearing those women and defending Bill.

She also laughed about getting a man off for the violent rape of a 12 year old who ended up in a coma after the rape, since the grown man was punching her in the head while raping her. The girl was a virgin and this ruined her entire life. She still blames the smear campaign of Hillary Clinton who told everyone that this little girl “sought out older men”-even though this child was actually a lesbian- and still is to this day.

Kathy Shelton (say her name) blames Hillary Clinton and the violent child-rapist that Hillary freed for ruining her entire life.

Hillary Clinton claims to support “women and children”, yet defends their violent attackers and has never defended an actual child or an actual rape victim.

Just to be clear, this child was raped so violently, that she cannot have children as a result. She will never be a mom. His rape destroyed her uterus. Think about that for a moment before proceeding. She was 12. Her entire life has been about this rape and the damage it has caused her. Hillary got the guy off without any jail time, even though this child ended up in the hospital, in a coma, with multiple surgeries on her vagina and inside her uterus.

How many children do you think that man went on to rape, after seeing how easy it was to get away with?

Do you think he killed the next one?

He didn’t even go to jail for physical assault.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and her inappropriate responses to just about everything– is someone who makes my blood run cold.

She brought up NUCLEAR WAR in a debate, yet claims to be a ‘progressive’ liberal.

Hillary Clinton is someone I think should be in jail for a very long time.

Barring that, she should be put into a mental health facility, where she can be kept from being able to harm others.

As an anti-war, child defending liberal- I am still totally appalled that any liberal saw her as a serious candidate…

…and still completely relived she was not elected.


Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue , Artsci and Patreon, and is the Associate Editor at State Of Globe News Service.

What Were The Facts Surrounding The Pizzagate Email Controversy?

Cheesy Pizza


If this image bothers you here, why didn’t it bother you on a grown man’s Instagram?

The most important thing to remember is that facts are facts, while interpretations and conclusions are another matter. Only formal investigations can return conclusions.

To date, there has been no investigation into the Pizzagate email controversy. This timeline is organized to unfold roughly how the Pizzagate email controversy unfolded in real time.

How did this start?

Reprinted from Urban Dictionary: June 07, 2010 “Cheese Pizza

Urban Dictionary: cheese pizza


July 24, 2016

Q: What are the most disturbing sites on the “dark web”?,

Samuel Chua, Deep Web Explorer, Internet Historian, Journalist:


“What I didn’t realize was that the pizza jokes were explicitly Cheese Pizza posts. There were hundreds upon hundreds of posts of people asking for cheese pizza, cooked for 4–16 minutes, or however long they wanted. What made it so disturbing for me was the slow realization — it took me about half an hour to fully realize — that cheese pizza was not an in joke, but child porn. Links to anonymous email accounts were often provided under a post/request, and the number of minutes cooked was a reference to the age of their victim bracket.”

Unusual Language too odd to ignore in the Emails Released by Wikileaks

What is WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks publishes large datasets of leaked official materials “involving war, spying and corruption”. To understand the connection to crowd-sourcing and crime, it’s best to think of Wikileaks as an online safe, into which huge amounts of information and data are placed all at once, commonly referred to as a data dump. The most important part about this online “safe” is that nothing can be placed inside of it which has not been verified to be authentic.

Although no organization can hope to have a perfect record forever, thus far WikiLeaks has a perfect record in document authentication and resistance to all censorship attempts.

The Emails

RE: Ice cream for FREE (time) today! — WikiLeaks

I consider ice cream, its purchase, and its consumption a rather serious business. We can’t just willy-nilly toss it out and about in casual references, especially linked with the word “free”.

Re: Cheese — WikiLeaks

I think you should give notice when changing strategies which have been long in place. I immediately realized something was different by the shape of the box and I contemplated who would be sending me something in the square shaped box.

Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy. I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that we can demolish them.

Ps. Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?

Did you leave a handkerchief — WikiLeaks

Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related). Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy, so feel free not to respond if it’s not yours or you don’t want it.

Re: Our drive — WikiLeaks

Thx for coming out. Always happy to babysit.

man, I miss you — WikiLeaks

I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii…

Re: Farmers L Update and Welcome Mat — WikiLeaks

Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport R., E., and M. Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.

“Skippy” John Podesta’s Infamous Dark Alter Ego

fyi: high country news doing a profile of john — WikiLeaks

She was also really interested in hearing more about Skippy. I basically said Skippy was more legend than reality. (I hope that wasn’t off message!)

http://Wikileaks.org/podesta-email/emailid/55807 — Wikileaks

“Usually cheerful, @johnpodesta has a profane alter ego nicknamed Skippy you don’t want to meet.”

Re: in case you missed this… — WikiLeaks

Sounds like you’re still keeping busy and I’m glad to hear you’ve kept Skippy at bay.

FYI: Washington Examiner: Follow the dark money to find what John Podesta is up to in the White House — WikiLeaks

In Clinton’s White House, Podesta was known to politicos as “a man of rare humor” and “a straight shooter,” but “with a low threshold for nonsense,” which, if anyone on his staff did something stupid, provoked a “mean, surly presence” that colleagues nicknamed “Skippy” — to be avoided at all costs.

FW: Profile of John — WikiLeaks

What I really like is that it hews to the John I know and love. Except the Skippy part

Correct The Record Monday February 16, 2015 Morning Roundup — WikiLeaks

No one doubts Mr. Podesta’s toughness. During his previous White House stint, colleagues joked that he was sometimes replaced by his evil twin ‘‘Skippy.’’

good WA Times story on Skippy — WikiLeaks

Subject: good WA Times story on Skippy

Good story, but Tony needs to stop talking to the press… Podesta was given the moniker “Skippy the Evil Twin” by the staff when he was in a bad mood, according to his brother, Tony Podesta…The brothers maintain a friendly rivalry when it comes to their art collection…

Stratfor, Global Intelligence Files, and Pizza

The Global Intelligence Files — Wikileaks


Who all is in the Austin office today who is going to want pizza? We
only have one slice and we need to know how thinly to slice it…

testing the Pizza Pages — your list — Wikileaks

As of today we are able to test the new credit card landing pages

We have until the end of the week to find as many bugs / errors / weird
stuff before launching to real visitors…Once you have the Pizza version You should be able to view all campaign pages in the new version, even if you close your browser and comeback later.

First Name: Pizza
Last Name: Testing

a. *fill out the form below* style language (please update these
campaign pages on the LIVE site to be “neutral” and make sense regardless of the Pizza or Original version. Make sense?

Pedophile Symbols

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, which simultaneously serves as this nation’s prime federal law enforcement agency.

An unclassified FBI document (widely available to the public) designates the following as pedophile symbols:

From the FBI Report

“Pedophiles who sexually abuse children as well as those who produce, distribute, and trade child pornography, are using various types of identification logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences. To specifically indicate the pedophile’s gender preference, members of pedophilic organizations encourage the use of descriptions such as “boylove”, “girllove”, and “childlove.””

“The Pedophile’s Secret Code”

Slate Magazine: Hot Document Dec. 3 2007 4:07 PM


Every subculture speaks its own dialect, and pedophiles are no exception. Hence the FBI’s January 2007 “intelligence bulletin” on “symbols and logos used by pedophiles to identify sexual preferences.” The document (see Pages 2–4), was prepared and distributed to FBI divisions and field offices earlier this year by the Cyber Division’s Innocent Images National Initiative. These are the G-men and -women who work on cases involving child exploitation and sexual abuse.

Did you know that “boylovers” make their presence known with a “small blue spiral-shaped triangle surrounded by a larger triangle”? The larger triangle signifies an adult male; the smaller triangle, a boy. If the boylover wishes to emphasize the smallness of the boys he covets, then he uses the “little boy lover” logo, which is more rounded and thinner than the boylover logo, apparently to “resemble a scribbling by a young child.”

Besta Pizza




PUBLIC DOMAIN PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE IMAGES/Hillary Clinton Campaign/PizzaPac/PodestaGroup

PUBLIC DOMAIN PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE IMAGES/Hillary Clinton Campaign/PizzaPac/PodestaGroup

Fwd: INVITE: Hillary for America / October 6 — WikiLeaks

“Doing a fundraiser at my house with my brother John on October 6 at my house, John and I are cooking along with guest chefs James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong Pizza and Buck’s Camping and Fishing.”

PUBLIC DOMAIN PHOTO CREDIT: GOOGLE IMAGES/Hillary Clinton Campaign/PizzaPac/Instagram/Comet Ping Pong

Connecticut Avenue, Washington DC

The establishments, their proximity, their owners, their relationships and their logos. 2 business owned by James Alephantis, 1 owned by Tony Podesta, 1 owned by a Hillary Clinton speech writer, and one owned by a Hatian children’s charity funded by the Clinton Foundation, all in one block.

PUBLIC DOMAIN: All images credit Google Images/FBI

PUBLIC DOMAIN: All images credit Google Images/FBI

NOTE: These logos have since been updated.

Current Besta Pizza Logo:

PUBLIC DOMAIN: Credit Besta Pizza/Google Images


“A work of authorship is in the “public domain” if it is no longer under copyright protection or if it failed to meet the requirements for copyright protection. Works in the public domain may be used freely without the permission of the former copyright owner.”

No, Your Instagram Photos Aren’t Yours (And Someone Else Can Sell Them For $90,000)

…everything, including your Instagram photos of course. And because copyright laws are rather flexible in that domain, anyone can actually share and even sell your photos.

Effective date: January 19, 2013: Instagram Help Center

By using our Service you understand and agree that we are providing a platform for you to post content, including photos, comments and other materials (“User Content”), to the Service and to share User Content publicly. This means that other Users may search for, see, use, or share any of your User Content that you make publicly available through the Service, consistent with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use (which can be found at http://instagram.com/legal/terms).

Our Policy applies to all visitors, users, and others who access the Service (“Users”).

These are the public Instagram pics of business owners, their friends and associates in the “pizzagate friend group” in Washington DC.

The only reason they were found is because they all connect and all comment together.

In most cases names, faces and other information have been redacted. All researchers working with this information are urged to follow the same protocols: redacting and shielding both names and faces any children, regardless of the conditions under which the original photographs were posted.

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

All Photo Credit: Instagram


Instagram Help Center


Comments include:

“comet sex” regarding a bloody man…made more ominous by the cage spotted on the ping pong table in the background.

“#chickenlovers” while holding a baby
chicken lover” an adult male homosexual sexually attracted to underage males.

“way overpriced”
re: buying a baby

baby birding
when one person throws up into another person’s mouth for sexual pleasure
baby birding is highlighted in “two girls one cup

“my favorite pedo”

“isn’t Penn State Football looking to hire him?”

“terror en la District”

“kill room”

“Just rinse it off when you’re done”

“Delete this”

“Delete your life”

“Pizza Slut” shirt on a child, the same child masking-taped to the table

Re: Farmers L Update and Welcome Mat — WikiLeaks

To: John Podesta

“Bonnie will be Uber Service to transport R*, E*, and M* Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure.”

Who are these children who are being driven in to entertain John Podesta at a pool party? Please click the link below and read the text next to the children’s pictures and ask yourself how comfortable you feel because you’re only at the surface layer and there is a lot more evidence to go. If this didn’t bother you before, does it bother you now?

“E.’s Crib” Blogspot

Reprinted from : http://web.archive.org/web/20161107130307/http://evelynneaville.blogspot.com/2009/11/grand-tam-and-luzattettes.html

“E. is growing up, soon she will be the Queen of the entire US of A. Right now for a limited time only, you can spend some time with her online, raw and uncut. Take advantage of this now, as in the future she will have the power of life and death over you.”

Pizzagate is not the story of a smoking gun. It’s the story of never being able to explain away the fact that the more one looks, the more disturbing the information becomes. At no point, when one seriously begins to research this on their own, does one become assured that “it’s nothing”, in fact, the more you research, the more you find which only seems to corroborate one’s worst fears that this is indeed not only true, but has been more or less out in the open for quite some time.

Public art of the Pizzagate friend group: Instagram, Photos and Fine Art

Credit: Instagram/Public Domain/Google Images

Credit: Instagram/Public Domain/Google Images

Credit: Instagram/Public Domain/Google Images

Photo Credit: Washington Life Magazine Inside Homes: Private Viewing Credit Artist: Biljana Djurdjevic

The following artist, Biljana Djurdjevic, is listed as one of the Podesta Brother’s favorite Artists and at least one painting can be viewed in Tony Podesta’s home in this Washingotn Life Article: Inside Homes: Private Viewing By Lara Wainman June 25, 2015

Photo Credit: Paradise Lost Credit Artist: Biljana Djurdjevic

Photo Credit: Paradise Lost Credit Artist: Biljana Djurdjevic

Photo Credit: Paradise Lost Credit Artist: Biljana Djurdjevic

Photo Credit: Paradise Lost Credit Artist: Biljana Djurdjevic

Photo Credit: Paradise Lost Credit Artist: Biljana Djurdjevic

PHOTO: The Real Strategy — The Real News The New York Times ‘Fact Checks’ Pizzagate, Labels The New Nationalist ‘Fake News’ Credit Artist: Arrington de Dionyso.

Another work from the same artist. Credit: Arrington de Dionyso.

The Making and Unmaking of Tony and Heather Podesta’s Power Marriage | Washingtonian

On their first date in 2001, Tony Podesta brought Heather Miller to his home to pick up his car before they headed to the opera. According to the Post, he walked past one of his sculptures and said, “I don’t know why it is, but I have artworks where the women have no heads.”

Photo Credit: Robert A. Reeder Washington Post: https://archive.fo/vddrO Credit Artist: Louise Bourgeois The Arch of Hysteria

Credit: Public Domain/Instagram/Google Images

Inner Piece: Works from the Collection of Heather and Tony Podesta | American University Museum, Washington, DC Julie Roberts, Miniature Anatomical Wax Statue with Removable Front Torso, 1998. Copyright Julie Roberts. Collection of Heather and Tony Podesta.

Inner Piece: Works from the Collection of Heather and Tony Podesta | American University Museum, Washington, DC Julie Roberts, Miniature Anatomical Wax Statue: Dismembered, 1998. Copyright Julie Roberts. Collection of Heather and Tony Podesta.

Time Magazine: Meet the Man Behind Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Apr 28, 2016

On the wall in his office at Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters, campaign chairman John Podesta has an oil painting on loan from his lobbyist brother, who is an avid art collector. The image shows two men hunched over a dining room table, bearing knives and forks. On the table lays a man in a suit, who looks vaguely like Podesta.

“It’s better to be the guy with the fork,” Podesta quips to his colleagues, if they ask about the image, “than the guy on the table.”

Musical Groups and Artwork featured via the Pizzashop in the Pizzagate Friendgroup, Connecticut Ave D.C.

Credit: Sasha Lord Presents: Poster Art

Credit: Sasha Lord Presents Poster Art

Published on Nov 12, 2016

Band statement regarding Pizzagate:

To Whom It may Concern,

Sex Stains.
A band name we decided on after 100 suggestions by random people on Facebook because every name we could think up was already taken.
We are just a punk rock band from L.A.
We are NOT pedophiles. Just the thought of that is sickening!

What the hell happened here?
A few months ago, we passed through DC on a week long mini tour. We booked a show at Comet. We were told it’s an ok place for bands to play, so we did. That’s about the extent of our involvement with or knowledge of this venue.

Before going on that tour, we made a video with Cassandra Hamilton, a L.A. artist that has made videos for a few bands in the local rock scene. We had no budget but she was willing to help us make a video for our song Land Of La La (a common term used to refer to Los Angeles because of the sometimes flakey & aloof people that live here). There was no real concept for the video other than making it very colorful & exciting to watch.

The director invited (the band & a few friends) to create some props, suggesting boxes & paintings, anything we could put together cheaply & quickly to fill some space up in the shots of the band playing/dancing/goofing off. We bought party supplies, gags, glitter. Any cheap crap we could. This was an endeavor in fun. There was absolutely NO PLOT to purposefully use offensive symbols or to mess with peoples heads. There was/is ZERO interest in anything having to do with children. No one in the band had any knowledge of the triangle/spirals horrid symbolism. We’re shocked & disgusted by the theory that we are somehow linked to Pedophelia rings or Satanic cults, and also by the hateful comments & accusations we’ve been receiving. WE ARE NOT pedophiles and do NOT support or promote it. Period. Again, we are just a punk rock band.

Credit: Sex Stains/Youtube/Public Domain/Artist: Cassandra Hamilton

Credit: Sex Stains/Youtube/Public Domain/Artist: Cassandra Hamilton

Heavy Breathing

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 8.34.54 AM.png

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Majestic Ape from Heavy Breathing, makes a reference to being below a Subway Sandwich shop. She says sometimes Jared likes to come to down, “he likes to hear the world sounds”. Someone shouts, “…and little boys”. Majestic Ape replies: “We all have our preferences”.

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Images inside Heavy Breathing videos

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Credit: Heavy Breathing/Public Domain/Amanda Kleinman/Majestic Ape

Spirit Cooking

Fwd: Dinner — WikiLeaks

Dear Tony,

I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?

All my love, Marina —


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Marina Abromovic

I am performance artist Marina Abramovic. Ask me anything. • r/IAmA


Q: What place do you see the occult having within contemporary art; can magick be made (not simply appropriated/ performed)?

Thanks, K

A: Everything depends on which context you are doing what you are doing. If you are doing the occult magic in the context of art or in a gallery, then it is the art. If you are doing it in different context, in spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not.

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic/Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos


Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Spirit Cooking

Mix Fresh Breast Milk With Fresh Sperm

Fresh Morning Urine Sprinkle Over Nightmare Dreams

With a Sharp Knife Cut Deeply Into Your Middle Finger Eat The Pain

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos/Getty Images

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos/Getty Images

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos/Getty Images

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos/Getty Images

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos/Getty Images

Marina Abramovic Institute (@abramovicinstitute) • Instagram photos and videos/Getty Images

Credit: Hillary Clinton Campaign/Youtube/Lady Gaga campaigns for Clinton

Politico: Where D.C.’s A-listers go for vacation June 1, 2009

John Podesta, Center for American Progress: “I am going to my condo in Truckee [Calif.], like I do every year — will sit on my porch and do conference calls 50 feet from where the Donner Party ate each other.

This quote led to researchers finding this pin in Truckee California:

Credit: Google Maps www.google.com: John Podesta+Pizza+Truckee CA

This pin has since been blocked.

“Where are the Victims?”

Hillary Clinton’s State Department Child Sex Scandal

Credit: NBC/Youtube/Clinton’s State Department Child Sex Scandal

Hillary Clinton’s State Department Child Sex Scandal


“Serious allegations concerning the State Department.”

“According to internal State Department memos the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within it’s ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals.

“This concerns a time when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.”

“There is an old saying in Washington that the cover-up is worse than the crime. But in this case both parts of it are disturbing,”

“Allegations of prostitution and pedophilia, and allegations that those crimes were somehow covered up or not looked into. So the State Department this morning is having to respond to those claims, and those investigations involve misconduct by State Department officials, including an Ambassador and security agents attached to then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

“The allegations are that these investigations were whitewashed, quashed altogether, and that those orders came from high up.”

“NBC has obtained documents relating to ongoing investigations into some disturbing allegations involving State Department personnel and at least one ambassador.

A State Department memo says, quote, “the Ambassador routinely ditched his protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children.

“The memo also says a top State Department official directed State Department investigators to “cease the investigation” into the ambassador’s conduct.” It’s just one of what another document describes as “several examples of undue influence” from top State Department officials.”

Credit: Dr. Phil/Victim describes being sold as an infant to wealthy elite for life-long sexual slavery. “Dr. Phill” March 21, 2017 (This video is currently being scrubbed from the internet. Linked here in sections )

Dr. Phill Interviews International Sex Trafficking Victim who was sold at birth into Sex Trafficking for Global Elite.

Credit: Dr. Phil/Victim describes being sold as an infant to wealthy/political elite for life-long sexual slavery.

UK Pedogate and US Pedogate Analogues

The US “Pedogate” as it has now become known, has its analogue in the recent pedophile scandal(s), involving the British elite, which included more than one Knighted politician and a former Prime Minister, as well as Jeff Epstein friend, Prince Andrew. The British media historically silenced and attempted to cover up and obfuscate facts, before finally admitting it was true.

New investigations have revealed pedophile rings operating out of multiple UK children’s care homes with half-hearted investigations and thwarted prosecutions spanning the last 30 years.

The UK has been plagued with child care home abuse scandals with multiple coverup accusations made against Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, lost evidence, even suspicions that pedophile ring whistleblowers had been murdered. Similarly, some US mainstream media began misreporting and then “debunking” misrepresentations of the allegations uncovered in Wikileaks. Some mainstream responses to the information were focused on how the leaks occurred, rather than dealing with the content inside the materials.

Rise of the Citizen-Researcher

This left a gap in investigative journalism, prompting the rise of “Citizen-Journalists” and “Citizen-Researchers”. This independent, crowd-led investigation caught fire after it was revealed by researchers and other sites that Mark Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of the NY Times -which was denying the evidence of an American pedophile scandal- was the same Mark Thompson, Former Director-General of the BBC, accused of lying to cover up the British Pedophile scandal.

Therefore, when the BBC published a contemporary article alleging the American pedophile scandal was fake, researchers saw it as an indication that the allegations were true. People began researching independently and started posting caches of information gleaned from the leaks on the front page of the internet an interesting twist, reddit banned the entire thread of research on the alleged criminal network. Ironically, rather than crush the investigation, it spread the investigation laterally, across multiple platforms. Citizen researchers disseminated the information and added to it, creating more researchers in the wake of the ban.

FBI Anonymous on 4chan

People had already began dialoguing online with “FBI Anon” on 4chan by late 2016. Among other things, the AMAs (Ask Me Anything) predicted a series of pedophile-related arrests taking place after the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2017. They described a wave of arrests, first dealing with low level arrests, moving on to mid-level arrests and ending in highest-level arrests.

It would be impossible to prove that this was a dialogue with a real “FBI insider”. True or not, this seemed to fuel a new wave of investigation, as researchers turned to older Wikileaks, cross referencing old materials with new leads and publishing even more information online.

Online researchers and Evidence

Researchers began publishing Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence | pizzagate with evidence of “Pizzagate Twitterbots”:

Credit: Pizzagate Twitterbot

Credit: Pizzagate Twitterbot

January 18 2017
Youtube/CBS46/BenSwann/Reality Check: Pizzagate segment

‘Why Hasn’t Any Investigation Taken Place?’ CBS Host Defends Pizzagate

Swann brought up Alefantis’ past relationships, his Instagram account, John Podesta stating in his emails he was close with Dennis Hastert, and Podesta’s brother’s artwork in his home as other issues that raise real questions.

Credit: Youtube/CBS46/BenSwann/Reality Check: Pizzagate segment

January 18 2017 12:49 AM

Wikileaks tweets Ben Swann’s Pizzagate Reality Check to its 4.5 million followers on Twitter with additional documents: https://t.co/Sc1nFTAFgV

Less than 24 hours later, the 6 minute report on Pizzagate goes viral.

February 1, 2017

Truth in Media, Instagram, Facebook, Radio and TV Talk and Twitter:

Credit: Twitter

February 1 2017

What Happened to Ben Swann After His #Pizzagate Report?

Journalist Ben Swann, typically revered as one of the few mainstream(ish) media reporters who will actually legitimately report on controversial subjects, mysteriously went missing from his social media accounts after he did a real report on the Pizzagate scandal.

February 3 2017

CBS Anchor Who Defended Pizzagate Conspiracy Has Shut Down Website, Social Media Accounts.

Have there been any demonstrable results from researching Pizzagate?

Fringe media credits online researchers with the impetus behind what they see as an unprecedented number of child trafficking, pedophilia and child porn arrests- plus the signing of the recent Presidential Executive Order giving priority to and allocating more resources towards preventing Human Trafficking.

“Mid level Arrests and Related Events”

-Jeffrey Claude Bartleson, John McCain’s Presidential Campaign Manager in Colorado arrested for sexual assault against young boys spanning back to the Presidential campaign. This comes during the current focus on a 1 million dollar donation from the Saudi Arabian Government to the McCain Institute. The McCain Institute, works with child trafficking. When asked about the donation, McCain denied being connected to the Institute other than it using his name. His spokesperson Rachel Dean says he misspoke. Wikileaks focused on The McCain Institute recently with a tweet mentioning the donation from Saudi Arabia as well as naming Institute’s Trustee and Hillary Clinton friend, Lynn Forester de Rothschild. Forester de Rothschild is a Clinton supporter, but endorsed McCain on September 17, 2008. Curiously, John McCain was accused of accepting improper campaign donations from the London Rothschilds in April of 2008. Feb 5

-Jeff Sandusky, son of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky, the now-infamous assistant-football coach at Penn State. Jerry Sandusky, was accused of being involved in an organized criminal pedophile ring. He founded Second Mile Foundation for Children, which is how he gained access to vulnerable, at-risk kids. The Rodham/Clinton legacy at Penn State is profound. Hugh Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother, played football at Penn State for Joe Paterno who was fired during the scandal. Clinton’s father’s scholarship, The Hugh E. Rodham Memorial Scholarship in the School of Education is still active. Some may recall, Hillary Clinton spoke about it at the time of the scandal. Bill Clinton’s Special White House Counsel, Lanny Davis was brought onboard to manage the scandal. In the case of his son, Jeff Sandusky’s lawyer is Lance Marshal, the disgraced former prosecutor who stepped down after he was involved in a Federal lawsuit where it was proven he attempted to coerce a domestic violence abuse victim into sex in exchange for legal services. Feb 13

-Incoming Cleveland Public Prosecutor Michael O’Malley fires prosecutors for dereliction of duties after finding 1,900 open child rape cases marked, ‘inactive’. “There was a conscious decision (by prosecutors) to make some of these cases inactive,” O’Malley said. He states publicly that in some of the cases, the men had confessed to raping the children- some with victims as young as 3- but were never charged, and went on to rape other children.Feb 15

-European Adoption Consultants, adoption agency raided. The report focusses on charges of bribery, but the page of “and other charges” includes 22 CFR 96.44(a) & 96.46(a) “… they did not engage in practices consistent with the principles of furthering the best interests of the child and preventing the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children”. European Adoption Consultants was once listed on the State Department’s website as an approved Adoption Service Provider for Haiti, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Child trafficking through adoption and child rescue/disaster rescue, is a growing concern made clear in the Harvard Human Rights Journal, written about convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby and the case of New Life Children’s Refuge. Silsby’s lawyer in Haiti, Jorge Torres Puello, was himself charged with child trafficking and is at large, wanted in El Salvador.

People may recall, Bill Clinton brokering Silsby’s release from jail in Haiti at the time. Laura Silsby who now goes by Laura Galyer, is currently working at Alert Sense.  And,  Alert Sense, manages the technology used for Amber Alerts (child abduction), The Emergency Alert System, and FEMA Disaster Management Alert System. Feb 15

-Christopher Rennie Glenn a former government contractor, currently serving 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty in 2015 to stealing military plans and intelligence reports from the U.S. Department of Defense. He was convicted of multiple counts of sex trafficking and child exploitation while working for the government. March 8

-Daniel Pye, Director of Children’s Mission in Haiti arrested for rape and sex tourism. Charged with raping and molesting the children in his care, this is Daniel’s second arrest. Pye’s arrest occurred 30 days after 12 in Haiti were arrested for child trafficking on Feb 1. March 1

-Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky asks FBI to look into Police Youth Program. After accusations of rape, cover ups and use of the Police Youth Program to create child pornography, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer asked the FBI to step in. He also hired former U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey. Councilman David James has stated that,

Investigations should include the mayor’s office because former police commanders who were in the department at the time of the allegations are now in the Fischer administration.” March 19

-Madeleine McCann Abduction Investigation receives extended funding with a “new lead” on a suspect. Madeleine McCann’s abduction from Praia da Luz, Portugal made worldwide headlines in May of 2007. When the McCann’s became persons of interest, their PR Agent stepped down from the case, and Clarence Mitchell, stepped away from his position as Director of the Media Monitoring Unit at the British Government’s Central Office of Information, to represent the McCanns. He also signed on to work for Freud Communications, run by Sir Clement Freud’s son, Matthew Freud. March 12-June 12

Sir Clement Freud invited the McCann’s to dinner in Portugal, 2 months after the abduction. His villa was situated 1/3 of a mile away from where Maddy was abducted. Once Sir Clement Freud was posthumously exposed as a long-time serial child predator who’d also had unusual contact with the McCann’s, police turned their attention towards him. When it was determined he was not in the country at the time of the abduction, online researchers began looking at everyone connected to Sir Clement Freud-and began wondering if there was a connection to the information uncovered in Wikileaks.

Sir Clement Freud’s son, Matthew Freud, is the great-grandson of “father” of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and is doubly related to the “father” of public relations, Edward Bernays. A former BBC Journalist, Matthew Freud was married to media-mogul Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, Elisabeth Murdoch. Both Matthew and his late brother, painter Lucien Freud had close relationships with Jacob Rothschild. Rothschild’s 50 year friend and American counterpart, the late David Rockefeller, funds the Partnership for Public Service through his organization, the Rockefeller Brother’s Fund.

The Partnership for Public Service publishes the Presidential Transition Guide, which instructs the President elect how to act as President.

Freud Communication’s wunderkind Sara Latham- who moved on when the McCann’s spokesman joined Freud’s Communications- was a consultant to the Clinton Foundation, White House Staff to Bill Clinton, a communications advisor for Tony Blair, was appointed to Obama’s transition team in 2008, became Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton, and most recently in the 2016 Presidential Election, was John Podesta’s Chief of Staff.

Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative Shuts Down

US Department of Labor: Reason for Dislocation: Discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative.
Layoff Date April 15

Following the Money

Wall Street Journal: A Billion Dollar Industry: Measuring the Child-Porn Trade

Good Men Project: Child Pornography — A Multi-Million Dollar Industry
Fact Sheet: Human Trafficking of Children in the United States

Child trafficking and “Cheese Pizza” is a multi-billion dollar global criminal industry. It took the UK 30 years to come to terms with it’s institutional pedophilia.

It has cost Australia a $500 million dollar inquiry with victims still emerging:

The $500 million inquiry is Australia’s longest royal commission, starting in 2013 and due to finish with a final report to the federal government in December.

Five commissioners have heard the testimony of more than 6500 child sexual abuse survivors in private sessions, with another 2000 people still awaiting a meeting.

Apr 19, 2017

Financial Insider, “Follow the Money” Ronald Bernard

Ronald Bernard High Finance Shocking Revelations
Published on Apr 19, 2017
VrieMedia, Netherlands

Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue, Artsci and Patreon, and is the Associate Editor at State Of Globe News Service.

[Illustration reprinted with permission MUD IG@Mynameismud_1984]

Soros! Soros! Soros!


By Sara Freels

Remember when “Macedonian trolls” infiltrated Bernie Sanders groups during the 2016 Presidential Election?

They became administrators, and real moderators and admins were purged. These new trolling admins posted click-bait and suppressed anti-Clinton, anti-DNC content from real citizens.

Yes, during the Election of 2016, many of us learned the definition of click-bait and yet weren’t too harshly affected by it. However, it did make our job as citizen-journalists even harder. I remember very vividly because I was one of those mods -of the ones who was purged. I united with another admin who even took screenshots from the page creator, Will Dowd admitting, “I sold out.”


At the time, we created a Facebook group to collect and publicly display the photos from the leaked screenshots. The Facebook group called, “$hill Dowd sold out BSDMS”. (Shill Dowd sold out Bernie Sanders Dank Memes). It should be noted here that BSDMS had at it’s height, 400+k members.

The click-baiting of the original group continued with very little change in member count. Although, we must account for the people who KNEW they were being suppressed. It is very likely those members migrated to groups where their content could be shared. Often, people don’t leave groups, but rather just stop posting in them. The quantity of content in the page may not have changed, but the quality surely did.

I believe the largest impact these trolls were meant to have was:

1. Add to the hysteria around Trump.

2. Suppress anti DNC content

3. Suppress anti Hillary Clinton content

4. Promote anti Bernie Sanders content

Simply put, this would be a way for the establishment and DNC to pivot online attacks on their character. The attacks surrounding: transparency for the campaigns, issues surrounding The Clinton Foundation, and crimes including fraud that are currently being argued in the #DNCFraudLawsuit.

These troll Facebook accounts were empty, lacking real conversations/photos and were the average run of the mill “trolls”. Some of them had the location “Macedonia” and some did not.

Frankly, having “Macedonia” on their page is not really proof they lived in Macedonia. It does show they wanted us to think that. But the issue here is that these “Macedonia trolls” helped the DNC by indirectly suppressing citizen voices. Myself, as well as thousands of other members reported to having their anti-DNC and anti-Hillary content deleted by the admins. Clearly, they failed to do the job, but a job it was none the less.

The DNC and Main Stream Media keep screaming about trolls interfering in the election. I believe that is true. BUT IT WAS THE ESTABLISHMENT SILENCING CITIZEN’S VOICES THAT CHALLENGED IT.

So, it’s infuriating when Bernie Sanders screams “Russia shared anti-DNC posts!” because these particular “Macedonia trolls” suppressed our right to free press in our efforts to expose the DNC with OUR anti-DNC posts!

Truthers: Take a look at your groups on Facebook and be aware of those that are connected to Will Dowd. He is most certainly behind this and other online attempts at controlling the narrative.









I am currently working to connect Soros to this type of influence campaign. We know Soros is involved in past DNC Campaigns and it is likely he is still involved.

Stay tuned for more about Soros involvement in the next few weeks!


-Sarah Freels

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