Facebook’s Failure: The “Hate Speech” Bar


On the day that The Intercept calls out Facebook as being nothing more than the lapdog of US Government and Israeli hard-liners, they institute the worst failure they have attempted yet: the short lived “hate speech” bar.


Glen Greenwald from The Intercept points out:

Facebook now seems to be explicitly admitting that it also intends to follow the censorship orders of the U.S. government.


One can create a fantasy world in one’s head, if one wishes, in which Silicon Valley executives use their power to protect marginalized peoples around the world by censoring those who wish to harm them. But in the real world, that is nothing but a sad pipe dream. Just as governments will, these companies will use their censorship power to serve, not to undermine, the world’s most powerful factions.


So Facebook decides a “Hate Speech” bar under every single post is a great way for people to “control” for realities which offend them.

Well guess what happens when you attempt to oppress and corral and micromanage millions of Americans?



So, yet again, not 15 minutes after it was instituted, we have vanquished yet another “feature” invented by the government, shoved down our feeds via Facebook’s patsies, and have held our ground yet again.

While Zuckerberg embarrasses himself in front of an even more embarrassing Congressional hearing, we have yet to hear one person say what is really going on: Facebook is losing millions every day because it sided with the government against the people instead of the people against the government.

You’d think after losing millions from the Cambridge Analytica debacle there would have been some form of “ah-ha” moment about how to treat your users. But then again, we’re dealing with sociopathic entities comprised of information and algorithms, and people drunk on power and control.

And we wonder how we all got here…

Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue, Artsci and Patreon, and is the American Editor at State Of Globe News Service. Holleman was a Visiting Scholar and a Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab (2013-2017)

[Illustration reprinted with permission MUD IG@Mynameismud_1984]




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