Fame Hogg

What Kind Of Person Tries to Make Himself Famous Over the Backs Of the Dead?

David Hogg is by now a cultural phenomenon, equally praised and loathed. But what kind of personality does it take to try to make yourself famous over the backs of dead children?

Why is this particular “student” being given such a blinding spotlight? Are he and his gang the only victims? Is his story the only one that matters? His “cast of characters” is so poorly trained and so thoroughly self-obsessed, that during this entire event, leak after leak after leak about this so-called “victim”, David Hogg, has been released in a way that feels like spite.


Leaked photos were posted depicting Hogg and Co. hamming it up laughing and joking, hot vamping and posing for the camera, moments before going on camera and acting traumatized.

What if your job was to coach and promote crisis actors for political purposes you agreed with -yet you found yourself loathing the “victim” so thoroughly, you acted to thwart your own work by releasing proof he’d been coached? Sound far-fetched? Ok- So how do we explain the near constant leaking going on, featuring this so-called “victim”?

I would suggest this kid’s noxious, entitled, rude and self-obsessed personality has derailed this false flag into territories here-to-fore unknown.

Someone is actively leaking behind-the-scenes info in an effort to thwart David Hogg. And-it’s obviously someone close enough to be involved. Further, these items have all been released online-and there has been an equal, yet opposite attempt to scrub these items online, as they have been released.

Further, any online writer, including yours truly, who publishes anything, anywhere, calling David Hogg a crisis actor, or publishing the miles-long list of leaked evidence to support this reality are immediately censored, silenced, banned, terminated, suspended and deleted.

So what’s going on?

How do you explain the near-constant leaks about David Hogg, which appear to contradict him, his statements, and his authenticity in this horrific event, where 17 children were actually killed?

If this were a truly “organic” event as we are being told, why would there be any leaks…at all?

Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue and on Patreon.
She was a Visiting Scholar and Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab (2013-2017)
[Illustration reprinted with permission MUD IG@Mynameismud_1984]




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