Obama and Hillary

How We Got Here

Are You Ready To Address It?

Trump won, because neoliberals didn’t flinch when Obama became Bush on steroids — and turned a one-front war into a 7-nation bomb-fest, murdering hundreds of thousands of people and destroying nations, with Hillary’s help.

OBAMA gave away our nation’s wealth to his friends at the predatory banks- with no conditions- who foreclosed on us anyway-and now the middle class is no longer the majority.

OBAMA deported more people than any President, ever in the entire history of the United States.

OBAMA was the only president to be at war for his entire Presidency…in the entire history of the United States of America.

OBAMA got rid of Habeas Corpus.

OBAMA instituted a completely illegal assassination “kill list” to murder anyone he wanted.

OBAMA signed the NDAA, which allowed all news media to lie, without any penalty whatsoever-and you wonder how “fake news” started.

I support Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, who proved that we torture people and that the NSA is spying on us.

OBAMA waged a war on whistle-blowers that made Nixon look like a kitty-cat.

I voted for Obama to stop the wars…Did you?

I guess you are one of those new-fangled pro-war, pro-surveillance, pro-assassination, pro-corporate, pro-fracking, pro-for-profit prison, liberals?

When we told you that actual liberals would never vote for the walking mega-don known as Hillary Clinton, you gas-lighted, you mocked, you ridiculed and you made up fun names like “Bernie Bros” when we said we were not going to go “with her”, or “with you”.

Instead of acknowledging the election fraud, vote tampering, voter purges, illegal caucus rule changes and the criminal collusion between the DNC and Hillary, or even acknowledging that a full 1/3 of the entire Democratic National Convention walked out of the convention, you pretended it didn’t happen and said nothing when they released fake poll after fake poll, even as we assured you she would never beat Trump.

And here we are.

Kim Holleman was a Visiting Scholar and Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab (2013-2017). She writes about politics, media, and society, also on Newslogue and on Patreon, and is the American Editor at StateofGlobe.com.



How We Got Here


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