My Eleven Months as a Democrat

How I Became #DemNever

I voted first for Bernie Sanders, then for Jill Stein and my personal favorite of them all, Ajamu Braka, who I wish had run at the top of the Green ticket. In my entire life, I have voted as follows: Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, Ralph Nader, Didn’t vote, Barack Obama, Barack Obama, Bernie/Jill Stein.

Because I have never been either a Democrat or a Republican, ever in my  life, I never encountered any of these so called “party politics” that others see as being a normal part of politics.

The first time I heard Bernie Sanders speak, I went immediately online and found an application to join the Democratic Party, that needed to be mailed in about one year in advance of the primary-simply so I could vote for Bernie. It might sound silly to you, but I actually felt, “called”.


Little did I know, that was the beginning of the nightmare.

Over the course of being a Democrat, roughly 8–12 months of my life, I have never been more appalled, disgusted, abused, insulted, and gas-lighted, by any group of people-ever.

I found that the Democrat Elites are out of touch, criminal, liars who live lives of hypocrisy, grift and corruption. When I attempted to point any of this out, I was told to shut up, that this is a normal part of politics. I was told, “all politicians are corrupt anyway”. I was called a “Bernie Bro” and told I had no rights because I wasn’t a real Democrat, and neither was Bernie Sanders. I was told, my vote wasn’t needed anyway. I was treated as if I had no value. I was told to trade in my principles, morals and ethics and simply fall in line with someone I saw as an unrepentant, arrogant criminal sociopath -because that’s simply what party-people do.

I watched as Dem after Dem started to attack Donald Trump for all of the things Dems do. When I started to see and rightfully call out this behavior as the actual definition of hypocrisy itself, I was called racist, sexist, accused of being a “Bernie Bro”, a “KKK” Member, “pro-Hitler”, and worse.

For every single thing Donald Trump is accused of, I can find 10 of those things being done by Dems , who are given a pass. When I pointed this out, I was accused of being the worst member of society, worse than “deplorable”, simply for pointing out that if people are anti-rape about Donald Trump, then they should be anti-rape about Bill Clinton.

However, the longer you are a Dem, the more it becomes clear that no Dem cares about what any Dem does. Dems only care about what Republicans do. There is no self-censure, self-critique, policing from within, and no self-awareness from the Dems themselves regarding their own behavior. None.

After watching Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee openly cheat, rigging Primary after Primary, kneecapping Bernie Sanders, lying openly during interviews, skewing poll after poll by not including millennials, and finally -stealing the money intended for Sanders and down ballot Dem candidates, I could not rescind my Democratic Party membership fast enough.

Once it was made clear to me that Establishment Democrats are liars, it became clear to me that liberal media, is also comprised of liars, who tow the party line. During the election, Wikileaks made bulk emails of Dem players available. Inside those emails were email after email after email, about how Dem players and Liberal media decide ahead of time, what the story will be-based on what Dem players decide they want.

Watching the Democrats handle the Wikileaks situation made everything worse. Not only did they lie about the leaks, they also blamed Russia, when this was preposterous and ridiculous on its face. For someone like me, who has ethics and moral values, the content of the emails is what is important, not the messenger who brought the content. Watching the Dems squirm and lie to try to prevent people from reading the emails was embarrassing. I heard CNN lie to the public when it said it would be illegal for them to read Wikileaks, and Morning Joe say that it’s their job to tell people what to think.

Obviously this is completely unacceptable to lie to the American people-unless you are a real Democrat- in which case, this is just the basic “m.o.”, which they admit to openly, with every: ‘it’s just how it’s done’.

When you are not biased about Democrats or Republicans, it’s pretty easy to see how corrupt they can be, when they think they are justified.

During the Democratic Primary I saw, first-hand, with my naked eye-balls, in real-time- the entire Nevada Caucus, live-streamed on Facebook. I had several live-streams running and I was keen to see Nina Turner speak. Like most people, I was practically addicted to following the last election. So, I made it a point to see all of Bernie’s rallies on You-tube and as many state caucuses, primaries -and related as I could-and I saw many. I personally attended 4 Bernie rallies in person and saw Nina Turner speak live 2 times.


Me and My Bernie Bros

I watched the entire Nevada Caucus live. I can tell you very easily, because I was watching: Roberta Lange enacted illegal rule changes, ignored voice votes and then ended the caucus illegally, running off stage, and sicking security on the people. I personally watched video which shows Barbara Boxer leaving the caucus shooting her middle finger at voters as she left.

So, imagine my shock, when the very next day, NPR and Roberta Lange and Barbara Boxer conspired to manufacture a completely made up, fake story to hide their criminal behavior.

They just sat there and lied on camera, without the slightest hesitation.

Here I am, a brand-new Democrat, watching Roberta Lange and Barbara Boxer and NPR, lie. The problem with this, is: that they can lie to you, but they can’t lie to me. I saw the entire thing.

Not only did they lie to cover up their own criminal behavior, they lied about how the people in the room reacted. They actually fabricated an entire story from start to finish about how the people in the room were violent, stormed the stage and threw chairs.

Bear in mind, anyone can simply watch the live-stream of the caucus to see they were lying and that none of what they said happened-at all. Obviously, they didn’t watch the playback…but this means, I am more informed than they are, because I absolutely did. See the dilemma?

At that point, it became clear that the liberal media was lying and that they were in the pocket of the Democratic Party leadership. Here is the problem they created: If news media is lying, they are dead to me. If news media is too busy to watch the live stream of a State Caucus to verify what happened, then they are not as informed as I am, in which case, they are useless in informing me. Either way, they signed their death warrant.

I no longer watch any news media program whatsoever. I currently boycott all main-stream news media, because they do not meet my ethical or intellectual standards. This includes all printed news media from mainstream sources and all broadcast news.

Now, I inform myself with source documentation: Executive Orders, court papers, affidavits, arrest warrants, legal testimony, and first-hand, one-on-one interviews.

You would be surprised how radically this shifts your understanding of what’s really going on.

In the last 4 months, I have not listened to liberal media lie about Trump. Instead, I do personal research into what he’s actually doing, instead of what the liberal media reports him saying.

What I can report, not using any news sources, but using actual reality, is that Trump is doing a better than expected job. In order to even comprehend how a liberal/green voter would say this, you’d have to stop listening to liberal media, and actually do real research into happenings in reality-not for the media show. 99% of the people will not do this, and so you can expect that the majority of people have nothing more to say about Trump other than “Cheeto man” and “not my president”, not much else.

They will not realize how good he’s doing, how popular he is, how much of the world actually respects him, or that he’s currently “pre-winning” the 2020 election. Trump is pre winning in 2020 for what he is doing in addition to how much the Democrats are not doing.


The Democrats refuse to address why they lost.

The Democrats have instead decided to embrace a lie, which is their standard modus operandi, as evidenced by their behavior over the election.

So, now, you have Democrats blaming Russia instead of doing any analysis of their loss.

bernie-1 copy

As long as “Russia” is the convenient excuse, none of what happened in 2016 will ever be addressed. As long as “Russia” is the excuse, I do not exist…

Good luck coasting on the failed strategy of 2016 in 2020.

Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue and on Patreon.
She was a Visiting Scholar and Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab (2013-2017)


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