Soros! Soros! Soros!


By Sara Freels

Remember when “Macedonian trolls” infiltrated Bernie Sanders groups during the 2016 Presidential Election?

They became administrators, and real moderators and admins were purged. These new trolling admins posted click-bait and suppressed anti-Clinton, anti-DNC content from real citizens.

Yes, during the Election of 2016, many of us learned the definition of click-bait and yet weren’t too harshly affected by it. However, it did make our job as citizen-journalists even harder. I remember very vividly because I was one of those mods -of the ones who was purged. I united with another admin who even took screenshots from the page creator, Will Dowd admitting, “I sold out.”


At the time, we created a Facebook group to collect and publicly display the photos from the leaked screenshots. The Facebook group called, “$hill Dowd sold out BSDMS”. (Shill Dowd sold out Bernie Sanders Dank Memes). It should be noted here that BSDMS had at it’s height, 400+k members.

The click-baiting of the original group continued with very little change in member count. Although, we must account for the people who KNEW they were being suppressed. It is very likely those members migrated to groups where their content could be shared. Often, people don’t leave groups, but rather just stop posting in them. The quantity of content in the page may not have changed, but the quality surely did.

I believe the largest impact these trolls were meant to have was:

1. Add to the hysteria around Trump.

2. Suppress anti DNC content

3. Suppress anti Hillary Clinton content

4. Promote anti Bernie Sanders content

Simply put, this would be a way for the establishment and DNC to pivot online attacks on their character. The attacks surrounding: transparency for the campaigns, issues surrounding The Clinton Foundation, and crimes including fraud that are currently being argued in the #DNCFraudLawsuit.

These troll Facebook accounts were empty, lacking real conversations/photos and were the average run of the mill “trolls”. Some of them had the location “Macedonia” and some did not.

Frankly, having “Macedonia” on their page is not really proof they lived in Macedonia. It does show they wanted us to think that. But the issue here is that these “Macedonia trolls” helped the DNC by indirectly suppressing citizen voices. Myself, as well as thousands of other members reported to having their anti-DNC and anti-Hillary content deleted by the admins. Clearly, they failed to do the job, but a job it was none the less.

The DNC and Main Stream Media keep screaming about trolls interfering in the election. I believe that is true. BUT IT WAS THE ESTABLISHMENT SILENCING CITIZEN’S VOICES THAT CHALLENGED IT.

So, it’s infuriating when Bernie Sanders screams “Russia shared anti-DNC posts!” because these particular “Macedonia trolls” suppressed our right to free press in our efforts to expose the DNC with OUR anti-DNC posts!

Truthers: Take a look at your groups on Facebook and be aware of those that are connected to Will Dowd. He is most certainly behind this and other online attempts at controlling the narrative.









I am currently working to connect Soros to this type of influence campaign. We know Soros is involved in past DNC Campaigns and it is likely he is still involved.

Stay tuned for more about Soros involvement in the next few weeks!


-Sarah Freels

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