The Surgical Meanness of the Hillary Voter


“Edward Facebook User:

So the HVAC technician arrives wearing a camouflage baseball cap with TRUMP embroidered on the front… I unexpectedly find myself confronted by an ideological and personal dilemma. If he does his job well and treats me fairly and with respect, does that matter? At the same time, I honestly am not comfortable having a stranger in my home who flaunts values that are so opposite my own, values that I find toxic. And it irks me that I cannot embrace his reality and his humanity more generously. For me, this sadly sums up the conflicted state of the union.“

Hey Edward, you know what’s the most toxic thing in the world? Taking a single look at someone’s hat, concluding that they have “values” that are toxic, and that you don’t want them in your home.

This is a grown man, someone in the liberal community, someone who is supposed to be open-minded. This is the person who is supposed to create a “safe space” for people to “share their truth”. Including everyone…except for “them”.

How is that not toxic af?

“who flaunts values that are so opposite my own, values that I find toxic”.

Edward, here is the million dollar question for you and all Hillary voters:


Or did you take one look at a hat-

A hat

And conclude that he was beneath you?

You didn’t even want him in your home…

It reminds me of how my Grandpa’s generation would talk about ‘minorities’. The disgust you and your friends openly use is creepy, to the point that they say,

Louis Facebook User: “ It must have been hard for you to have someone in your home who’s views differ from yours. I hope you’ll be okay.”

“I hope you’ll be okay.”

Be okay? From what!? A non-existent event happening in a person’s mind, all because of a HAT?

I hope he was able to contain his disgust long enough before lumping his HVAC tech right into the basket of deplorables.

The “deplorables” you all lost to, but can’t figure out why.

It’s almost as if your sense of self-righteousness, superiority, indignation and personal narcissism is keeping you blind…

“And it irks me that I cannot embrace his reality and his humanity more generously”

It irks ME, that a bunch of arrogant, self-righteous a**hats view the entire world, except their little piece of it as “toxic” -without even bothering to have a single conversation.

This person supposedly has “values” so “toxic” that they aren’t even welcome in someone’s home, even to bring heat.

Can you imagine looking down on someone so much, without even a single conversation, that you don’t even want them into your home-even though they are working to bring heat to it and to your family?

This is the mean, surgical ignorance of the Hillary voter. This hypocrisy- to look down with disgust on an entire group of people-while attempting to claim the “moral high ground” is the bread and butter of the Hillary voter.

To be an arrogant, judgemental bigot, telling the world how righteous you are, is the mantra of the “with her” clan.

Until the left can understand and deal with the hypocrisy the Hillary voters- The left will continue to be the most ignorant of all:

The losers who act like winners, shitting on the winners, while calling them losers.


Recently, Olympic bobsledder — and Pyeongchang silver medalist — Lauren Gibbs, took a photo with Ivanka Trump and Sara Huckabee Sanders.

Photo Credit: Lauren Gibbs. Pictured: Lauren Gibbs, Ivanka Trump, and Sara Huckabee Sanders

She was harassed so thoroughly by the Hillary Voters, that she actually capitulated and took the picture down— the one of her with the daughter of the President of the United States and the Press Secretary of the United States of America. Let that sit with you for a moment.

In the heady joy of her victory, this United States Champion, was attacked for posting a photograph of her marking a point along the route to her accession into history, and Hillary Voters rose up to destroy it.

Now her Olympic memories are co-mingled with the hatred of the righteously indignant.

The left seems incapable of respecting black people, or their choices, or their behaviors, the moment they fall out of lines made for them by the left. I’ve never seen anything more viscous than the attacks made against this woman by the left.

Why are liberals seen as the champion of African Americans when they treat people of color so despicably? One might even call their treatment of Lauren Gibbs, deplorable.


Kim Holleman was a Visiting Scholar and Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab (2013-2017). She writes about politics, media, and society, also on Newslogue and on Patreon.


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