Twitter-Verse Rises Up To Support Kanye With Massive Meme-Storm


This is the big question of our time. Are you woke? What is “woke”? According to Twitter, right now it’s Kanye West, who’s twitter was showered with support in the form of a meme-storm aimed at Kanye.


Pro-Active patriots chose the following tweet as their focus of an incredible show of support for Kanye as he faces opposition to his newly “woke” attitude:

this is so helpful. I’m always a student. I’m learning about love

Twitter users decided this was the perfect basis to reply with a show of gratitude, support and thanks for Kanye’s #greatawakening.

Most likely this show of effusive support was in response to the tremendous (and racist) backlash against Kanye for supporting Trump instead of whomever he was supposed to be supporting:

For Colored Boys Who’ve Considered Career Suicide When Good Music Wasn’t Enough

Here are a sample of the Memes tweeted @Kanye to let him know he has support out in the world at large, if not in the liberal mainstream media.


It looks like Twitter has Kanye’s back, even if the establishment elite don’t. Good thing our nation is comprised of The People, by The People, for The People.



Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue, Artsci and Patreon, and is the American Editor at State Of Globe News Service. Holleman was a Visiting Scholar and a Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab (2013-2017)

[Main Illustration reprinted with permission MUD IG@Mynameismud_1984]



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