What Are The Facts Surrounding The Murder of Seth Rich?


Rather than categorize these real world events with inconvenient labels, let’s simply take a look at the facts surrounding the murder of Seth Rich during the 2016 Presidential Election season. We can focus on what actually happened to formulate a timeline of events.

Seth Rich works at the DNC as the Voter Expansion Data Director, as a data analyst during the 2016 Presidential Election Season, starting in 2014.


Seth Rich was a Bernie Sanders supporter who went by the online handle, Panda. He was obsessed with Pandas. His mother was holding a stuffed Panda in the interview about Seth.

Seth Rich had access the the DNC servers, from 2014 forward.

Seth Rich’s social media is Pandas4Bernie at Twitter, Tumblr, and a FB page. They all linked through MeGrimlock4/reddit with proof that it’s his account, left by Seth in the form of his contact information about his parents dog:

Hey y’all, I don’t live in Omaha anymore so not sure the best ways to,get this out, but just got word from my folks that their dog got out. Please circulate as much as possible. She’s a one year old brown newf named Ella. She looks like a large brown golden retriever. She’s very friendly but very hyper and will run. Please email seth.c.rich@gmail.com and jrich12105@gmail.com with any updates.

February 21-22, 2015
John Podesta and Joel Benenson, cc’d Robby Mook:

Re: Wash Post story — Sorry to write this on a Saturday night – WikiLeaks

I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.

I think we have to make examples now of people who have violated the trust of HRC and the rest of the team. People going forward need to know there are stiff consequences for leaking…

And I would love an example being made.

January 24, 2016
Hillary Clinton Cannot Be Stopped
“Why Her Victory over Bernie Sanders is Inevitable.” Vanity Fair

For the second time in eight years, Hillary Clinton sees the Democratic nomination being pawed by a charming interloper, like a priceless vase grabbed by a panda. She’d prefer to shoot the panda, but that could mean breaking the vase, and onlookers would object. To make matters worse, Bernie Sanders, who leads Clinton in both New Hampshire and Iowa, has produced a new video ad, “America,” a wordless feel-hope montage that is awfully good, good enough that I can’t help feeling both moved by it and resentful that it works on me. Maybe shoot the panda.

May 25, 2016
Date of the last email in the DNC Wikileaks archive

June 6, 2016

29 days until the best day of the year, what are you getting to celebrate our great country?

by MeGrimlock4

I had to restrict myself to buying only one new piece of America clothing a year, and I debut it on independence day. I’m currently debating between a nice summer jacket or some shorts. I’m interested if anyone else does this and where you look? Good hunting, countrymen.

July 3, 2016
DNC is served with a class action lawsuit for fraud by Sean Lucas

 DNC is served with a class action lawsuit for fraud by Sean Lucas
DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz Get Served in Wilding Class Action


July 9, 2016
Seth Rich is murdered

July 12, 2016
Bernie Sanders endorses Clinton

July 14, 2016
DNC hires Crowdstrike to find the “Russian hackers” who have been “hacking” the DNC.

August 2, 2017
Sean Lucas dead
“Combined adverse effects of fentanyl, cyclobenzaprine, and mitragynine.”

August 9, 2016

Credit: Julian Assange on Niewsuur referencing Seth Rich by name

August 9, 2016
Wikileaks offers a $20k reward for information leading to finding Seth’s killer(s)

October 30, 2016
Wikileaks posts reference to Podesta talking about making an example of leakers

May 16, 2017
Fox News airs a “clarified” statement from Rod Wheeler, the private investigator hired by Seth Rich’s family, whose services are being paid for by a third party.

Wheeler said:

“My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.”

Regardless of validity, this drove attention back onto Seth Rich’s unsolved murder. Immediately, two things happen.

May 19, 2017
The Russian Embassy in the UK openly connects Seth Rich to Wikileaks with this tweet:

Twitter/Russian Embassy, UK

May 20, 2017
The Washington Post calls “Seth Rich Conspiracy”, “fake news”
Analysis | The Seth Rich conspiracy shows how fake news still works

May 21, 2017
Someone Just Edited Seth Rich’s Reddit Posts – Caitlin Johnstone – Medium

Caitlin Johnstone, “Rogue Journalist” has all of the pieces and puts the picture together.

Speaking for myself, I am glad that this information has been archived, seeing as all the escalations with Russia that have transpired since the November elections are dependent upon Seth Rich not having been the leaker…

If Rich had been able to step forward and let everyone know that he was WikiLeaks’ source and not Russia, the American people would never consent to these potentially world-ending escalations with a nuclear superpower, and America’s deep state would lose geopolitical power and influence.

Can’t have that.

Dead men tell no tales.

What we’re seeing now is media being used to obfuscate the facts from the general public. The exact opposite of it’s function. Think of how convenient it is to be able to “debunk” any event with no investigation and call any legitimate investigation and “conspiracy theory”.

This murder may have been swept under the rug, except for one thing: this is the age of the internet. With data, social media, trip codes, hacking, leaking and more, dead men have plenty of tales to tell. The fact is, someone snuffed out a life, and that life, taken from a man so young, became a line in the sand to those who had already shunned or rejected the media.

The voters-specifically, the people who made sure Hillary did not win– do not look for media to report what the truth is.

They look at the media to see what the lie is.

Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Artsci, Newslogue and on Patreon, and is the American Editor at State Of Globe News Service. Visiting Scholar & Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab (2013-2017).


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  1. Shawn*, Also no mention of the money trail on the fec.gov website that links crowdstrike payments to the two murders

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