Why Real Liberals Were #NeverHillary


While I didn’t vote for Trump, I have found that I shared the same concerns about Hillary Clinton with Trump voters -and still do. As an extremely left wing liberal (I voted for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka), I found people like me -and Trump voters- are still both very happy she was not elected.

Are there any Hillary Democrats that want to know why we refused to vote for her, and still wouldn’t?

Hillary Clinton is widely viewed as a sociopath and a narcissist who also actively lies, cheats and steals as well as organizes pay to play, bribes and money laundering, while harming many people in the process.

Hillary Clinton defends rapists and smears rape victims, including the victims of her husband. Bill Clinton is a rapist who was kicked out of Oxford for raping a student while there. That began a long line of assaults over his career and Hillary has spent her life smearing those women and defending Bill.

She also laughed about getting a man off for the violent rape of a 12 year old who ended up in a coma after the rape, since the grown man was punching her in the head while raping her. The girl was a virgin and this ruined her entire life. She still blames the smear campaign of Hillary Clinton who told everyone that this little girl “sought out older men”-even though this child was actually a lesbian- and still is to this day.

Kathy Shelton (say her name) blames Hillary Clinton and the violent child-rapist that Hillary freed for ruining her entire life.

Hillary Clinton claims to support “women and children”, yet defends their violent attackers and has never defended an actual child or an actual rape victim.

Just to be clear, this child was raped so violently, that she cannot have children as a result. She will never be a mom. His rape destroyed her uterus. Think about that for a moment before proceeding. She was 12. Her entire life has been about this rape and the damage it has caused her. Hillary got the guy off without any jail time, even though this child ended up in the hospital, in a coma, with multiple surgeries on her vagina and inside her uterus.

How many children do you think that man went on to rape, after seeing how easy it was to get away with?

Do you think he killed the next one?

He didn’t even go to jail for physical assault.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and her inappropriate responses to just about everything– is someone who makes my blood run cold.

She brought up NUCLEAR WAR in a debate, yet claims to be a ‘progressive’ liberal.

Hillary Clinton is someone I think should be in jail for a very long time.

Barring that, she should be put into a mental health facility, where she can be kept from being able to harm others.

As an anti-war, child defending liberal- I am still totally appalled that any liberal saw her as a serious candidate…

…and still completely relived she was not elected.


Kim Holleman writes about politics, media, and society on Newslogue , Artsci and Patreon, and is the Associate Editor at State Of Globe News Service.


7 thoughts on “Why Real Liberals Were #NeverHillary

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  2. I will! Thank you very much for your encouragement. You have no idea how much it means to me. We, I refer to us as the “dissenting left” are being destroyed for having principles and moral values and ethics. I had half a million views before my accounts were wiped out-simply deleted.

    All of it was this type of content, which the liberal establishment has taken it upon itself to censor, in America, where we have a Constitutionally protected right of Free Speech. What they don’t understand is that it doesn’t make us “go away”. We are all still here, and they have no idea that they have already lost 2020 because of their continued criminality and refusal to address these issues…and because of how they have treated the “ethical liberals” like me and thousands like me who would never vote for anyone like Hillary Clinton, not now, not ever.

  3. While I use my blog for other things, too, I am with you. This is the only place I can post without fighting. Many friends who knew politics unfriended me and now ignore me since Trump was elected. But I have since gone independent since both parties piss me off.

  4. I’m very impressed with your values as a person and your writing skills. Go check out Bernie Goldberg’s books Bias and idiots to the left of me, wimps to the right.

  5. Thank you for this great comment. Unfortunately, many people like me from my perspective, were just banned on all platforms. This is why my blog is from 2015, but the articles are all recent. I have decided to publish here where I will not be banned for speaking freely. Thank you again for your comment. Please share the article, to let people know we are still out there. Bruised but not broken.

  6. Thank you. It is so refreshing to see not just logic and common sense come from a liberal, but a sense of character and values. I don’t care that you didn’t vote for Trump. But what I had a hard time understanding was not just the defense of her, but the attitude of liberals after the election. Perhaps there were really more libs like you who saw how awful she was and voted for others as well? I don’t know. From what I see and read, I have not been able to tell and not sure that is the case.


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